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Kimberly Johnson
Illinois USA
Skill: Intermediate
Does any company make patternmaking software for Mac? I have Patternmaster, but I have to use the Windows computer in my kids room and it's sooooo difficult to concentrate with the video games on.
I know that Patternmaster will run on a mac with Boot Camp, but I don't want to have to purchase a copy of Windows in order to make it work.
California USA
Skill: Intermediate
Garment Designer by Cochenille has a Mac version, recently updated. The website is cochenille.com.
I have had it for years.it works for knitting, also. It has a great manual and good customer service.
I'm a satisfied customer.
California USA
Skill: Advanced
Posted on: 9/9/09 11:56 PM
Another big fan of Garment Designer - wonderful customer support, great garments every time.
Kimberly Johnson
Illinois USA
Skill: Intermediate
Thanks! Can you tell me if any of you have used the Wild Ginger software too? I have that and haven't been very happy with it, but I downloaded the demo of the Garment Designer and have been playing around with it and it seems easier for me to understand. Is there a way to add button holes to the design or will I have to add them myself after the patterns are printed out. Also, is the demo the exact version that I will get if I purchase or is it limited..
Knowledgebase Editor
Member since 8/1/09
Posts: 24
I ran across pattern making software called Pattern Designer while looking for links to add to the Knowledge Base. It will run on any computer capable of running Java 5.0 and best of all, it's free! Information on the app is posted at BurdaStyle Learning. The programmer has also included on-line help as well as a sample pattern and sample measurements. I don't know if it has the same capabilities as the commercial software mentioned in this thread.
BTW, Java 5 (or later) should already be installed on your Mac so all you'll need to do is download the program and run it. OS X updates Java automatically through Software Update. If you're running Windows, Linux or Solaris you'll need to install Java from Sun Microsystems first if you haven't already.
Disclaimer: I'm not associated with Pattern Designer, Jeremy Erwin (the programmer) or Sun Microsystems. This link is on my list to be added to the Knowledge Base. I've played with the program a little but not very much since I'm not ready to do pattern design. If you feel strongly this shouldn't be added to the Knowledge Base for any reason (e.g., too many bugs, too difficult to use, features too limited, etc.), please feel free to PM me and let me know. Thank you!
-- Edited on 9/13/09 1:47 AM --

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Peace مع السلامة שלום
Rebecca ريبكا רבקה
Loom Knitting Help: http://www.loomknittinghelp.com/
Learn to knit without needles -- great for people with arthritis!
Everyday Sewist
Skill: Advanced Beginner
I'm a Mac user and I downloaded and used the trial version of Cochenille and I was not impressed.
I think it's o.k. for very simple garments and I can see how knitters would love it; but if you want to customize fit and add more detail, there is a siginificant learning curve and I'm not sure it's worth the trouble. After playing with it for a while, I don't think it comes near the user-friendliness and versatility of Wild Ginger. Frankly, I think it would be easier to use paper and pencil (which I have done and it's not a bad method either!) :)
I have not been doing much pattern drafting lately but PMB is on my wish list and I plan to buy it as soon as I get back to sewing and drafting.
There is an old thread on this forum where several people including myself commented on the two programs. If you search for 'cochenille' I'll bet you will find it.
-- Edited on 9/13/09 9:41 AM --
2.1 Represent Patternsmr. Mac
California USA
Skill: Advanced
Posted on: 9/13/09 3:16 PM
This is just my opinion after using Garment Designer for the last ten years, and I'm not sure how 'complicated' you want to go, but I regularly make fitted dress shirts with bust and bodice darts, cuffs, lapels, collar stands, facings, pockets -- add in different shape collars, hoods and ruffles, both straight and bias - you do have to know how to sew as you just get the pattern pieces, but that's okay with me. I get amazing fit right out of the printer . . .
You can do very simple things, but I use the refined sloper measurements and have successfully made some very complicated garments using GD . . . and I can't say enough about the manual (3' thick?) written by someone who teaches pattern drafting and fashion at the college level, and the tech support is really good.
Illinois USA
I have a Mac also. What other kind of garments do you design with Cochenille? Thanks! Tailormaid
Virginia USA
Skill: Advanced
I see this thread is 10 years old. Is anyone using pattern-drafting software on a Mac in 2020?
CJ Tinkle
Arkansas USA
Skill: Intermediate
I'd be interested as well.
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