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The Canterbury Tales is more than a collection of stories, it is a picture of life in England in the fourteenth century. Many of the stories were taken from popular folk tales or existing stories in other languages. The use of a pilgrimage as a framing device enabled Chaucer to bring together people from different classes and trades. The Canterbury Tales, frame story by Geoffrey Chaucer, written in Middle English in 1387–1400. The framing device for the collection of stories is a pilgrimage to the shrine of Thomas Becket in Canterbury, Kent. Learn more about The Canterbury Tales in this article. The Canterbury Tales Questions and Answers - Discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you might have on The Canterbury Tales. A new middle class consisting of educated workers such as merchants, lawyers, and clerks was beginning to gain power, particularly in urban areas. Chaucer himself was a member of this new middle class. The Canterbury Tales both depict and satirize the conventions of these turbulent times. Canterbury Tales: Sea Captain’s Tale and The Prioress’s Tale Written in PEEL Point, Evidence, Explanation and Link format by BunPeiris. Compare & contrast the content, themes and character portrayal in “The Sea-Captain’s Tale” & “The Prioress’s Tale” Geoffrey Chaucer is humble: appeals to the readers to credit Jesus Christ for the inspiration of everything they would have.

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Senior British Literature

The Canterbury Tales Projects

You must complete one project from the choices listed below. All written projects MUST be typed. Points will be deducted for projects that are not typed. (MLA heading, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, etc.)

Due Date:November 3rd.

However, I want to see a work in progress, which will count for a grade on Wednesday Oct 29th. (Plan of attack (Who is doing what?) and some portion completed!)

Points: Each project will be worth one major assessment grade of 100 points.

LATE PROJECTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. No exceptions. Please don’t ask me to make one.

ARTISTIC ABILITY WILL COUNT FOR ALL ARTISTIC PROJECTS, SO BE SURE TO PICK PROJECTS THAT HIGHLIGHT YOUR ABILITIES! All artistic projects must be in color unless it is a sketch and you explain why the project does not merit color.

I have a rubric for each project, so please let me know, which project you are completing Monday October 27th. PLEASE ATTACH THE RUBRIC TO YOUR COMPLETED PROJECT!

Option OneCreate a travel brochure click for RUBRIC

  • Create a complete travel brochure as if you were advertising the trip of the Canterbury pilgrimages Softros lan messenger free.

  • You should start at the Tabard Inn in Chaucer's day. Include appropriate details from The Canterbury Tales, such as the name of the inn's proprietor. Talk about the Shrine of Becket.

  • Continue on through the experience of the different characters and describe some of the different locations they visited. You should include at least 8 different locales. There should be pictures and captions.

  • You may also research different interesting locales that may have been visited during the time period.

  • The following Web sites MAY be helpful: ( NEW! try this

Option TwoCreate a blog using Google Sites or Weebly from the perspective of one of travelers. click for RUBRIC

  • You must have at least 12 entries of substantial length. Think of these entries like journal entries recounting everything that the traveler would have encountered. Please see me by _________________.

  • Please remember that a blog is similar to a diary entry. Yours should include a reference to the day’s events, but it should also involve personal reactions and reflections from your chosen traveler. Your entries must stay true to the character and reputation of the traveler involved.

Option ThreeCreate a music video that details the main ideas of The Canterbury Tales or of one of the tales. click for RUBRIC

  • Your video must be posted as a YouTube video and shared with the class. And yes, it must really have music with it (even if it is a rap).

  • You will also submit a copy of your lyrics typed.

  • Your video must not use this same song choice, but if you need an example, see

TalesCanterbury Tales Projectmac

Canterbury Tales Projectmac's Literature Classes Youtube


Choice FourCreate a comic-style version of one of the tales. click for RUBRIC

  • Include major characters and events of the tale. Try to highlight Chaucer’s humor in your rendition.

  • You may use an app such as strip designer or a website like Bitstrip or Pixel to help you design your comic.

Choice FiveCreate a Facebook page for one of the travelers or for Chaucer. click for RUBRIC click here for a TEMPLATE- remember to go to 'File'>'Make a Copy'

(NOTE: You will not be making an actual Facebook on the website; you will be creating a physical profile modeled after the look and elements of an actual Facebook page. I have a template you can use).

Canterbury Tales Projectmac
  • You should include all of the aspects of a Facebook page, including: a picture, statues updates, friends, information, bio (the about yourself), birthday, what network your character has joined, political views, favorite movies, favorite TV shows, top friends, location, family, books, quotes (from what we have read…use one that describe your character) music, wall, marital status, education, family, applications, etc. Think about who would write on your characters wall. What would they say? When you are writing status updates think about their travels. You should have at least 12 wall posts/status updates.

  • This page must be in color and must be neat.

Choice SixCreate your own modern-day tale. click for RUBRIC

  • Select a prominent figure or stereotype from modern day life and write his or her own tale.

  • Your tale must be written in the same rhythm and style as those of the pilgrims in Chaucer’s work, but it can be written in today’s venacular.

  • Your tale must involve subtle satire, just as Chaucer’s do.

  • While your writing style must mimic that of Chaucer, your character must be true to the modern day character you have chosen.

  • Your tale must contain at least two literary allusions and one historical allusion. It must also contain at least one simile that is not a cliche.

  • Your finished product must be turned in as a typed product, complete with illustrations. Illustrations must be in color. If any portion of the illustration is taken from another source, that source must be cited with a Works Cited entry.

  • Your tale must be at least________________________ in length.


Canterbury Tales Projectmac's Literature Classes Online

Choice SevenA life-sized, three-dimensional representation of one of Chaucer’s travelers. click for RUBRIC

Canterbury Tales Projectmac's Literature Classes Free

  • Your representation must be in color.

  • Either the entire representation or some important aspect of the character must be three dimensional.

  • You representation must stay true to Chaucer’s depictions of the character.

  • You should explain at least seven choices you have made in creating your character with quotes from that character’s tale. These quotes may either be attached to the representation or typed on a separate paper, but it must be clear that there is an obvious connection between each quote and some aspect of the character.

  • If you choose this project, you should be artistically talented.

  • Life-sized means at least as tall as you are.