Caterpillar Manufacture Date By Serial Numberskdwnload

Serial Number Location for CAT Full Size Wheel Loader

  1. Caterpillar Manufacture Date By Serial Number

Re: Caterpillar- how to identify year of manufacture of cast Post by martyn williams » Thu Jun 10, 2010 9:26 am Thanks for the info Angus I have just had a thought.A lot of Cat equipment is made outside the USA these days, I wonder if the code has changes to it.Perhaps Stuart Bickley may have the answer on that? I have a Caterpillar sixty, serial number PA2871 and a Caterpillar thirty, serial number PS6028. What are the dates of manufacture? Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America is the leading manufacturer of forklifts offering reliable aftermarket support and complete forklift solutions. Download Toyota Forklift Engine Parts Guides, Pricing and Kit Pricing. 2), currently in 2. Hyster is manufacturing trucks with “L” as the last digit in the serial number. The Serial Number Guide is the leading source for year-of-manufacture data on all major and hard-to-find construction equipment. This means you get over 50 years of serial number information from more than 585 manufacturers representing over 100 equipment types in construction, forestry, paving, material handling and aggregate industries.

Caterpillar serial number year of manufacture

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Serial Number Examples: Pre 2001, 8 digits: 3CL12345 2001 and up, 17 digits: CAT0962GR4PW00533

Caterpillar Manufacture Date By Serial Numberskdwnload

VIN Number Location: Left (highway side) of the machine behind the front tire. On Pre 2001 machines, there will be an 8 digit VIN stamped in close to the VIN plate. On older 60’s, & 70’s machines the VIN plate is attached on right (curb) side of machine higher up in front of the drivers cab. On any machine that there is a 17 digit VIN plate there will be a full 17 digit VIN stamped very close to the plate but may be covered in paint.


Caterpillar Manufacture Date By Serial Number

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