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  2. Catia V5 Tutorial

This tutorial contains Basic Catia modules sketcher, part, assemblies, drafting..

this will list general toolbars used in each modules and there overview for academic purpose with some specific topic elaborations.

Catia v5 sketcher tutorial pdf

Catia-v5-tutorials-catia-v5-tutorials 2/10 Downloaded from on January 22, 2021 by guest CATIA are simple enough they can be modeled with minimal knowledge of this powerful software. The reason behind the simplicity is not to burden the reader with the CAD aspects of the package. However, it is assumed that the user is. CCARD has negotiated exclusive access to a CATIA V5 Introduction User Guide, of unique quality and effectiveness, which is ideal as a cost-effective self-study tutorial. ZCCARD can be contacted either by telephone on 088 by emailing [email protected] or via our website at This extract from the CATIA V5 Introduction User. CATIA V5 Basic Tutorial pdf Free Download - CADDsoft Blog. Posted: (3 days ago) This pdf file contents Opening the Part, Opening a new drawing, Adding the template, Modification of the scale, Creating the front view, Orientating the front view, Creating a projection view, Generate some other views, Using the Wizard, Creating a detail view, Creating a section view, Generating dimensions.

Catia V5 Surfacing Tutorial Pdf

  1. Step 2: Sketcher Module

    The Sketcher workbench is a set of tools that helps you create and constrain 2D geometries. Features (pads, pockets, shafts, etc..) may then be created solids or modifications to solids using these 2D profiles. You can access the Sketcher workbench in many ways. Two simple ways are by using the top pull down menu (Start – Mechanical Design – Sketcher), or by selecting the Sketcher icon. When you enter the sketcher, CATIA requires that you choose a plane to sketch on. You can choose this plane either before or after you select the Sketcher icon. To exit the sketcher, select the Exit Workbench icon.

    The Sketcher workbench contains the following standard workbench specific toolbars.

    Profile toolbar: The commands located in this toolbar allow you to create simple geometries (rectangle, circle, line, etc..) and more complex geometries (profile, spline, etc..).

    Operation toolbar: Once a profile has been created, it can be modified using commands such as trim, mirror, chamfer, and other commands located in the Operation toolbar.

    Constraint toolbar: Profiles may be constrained with dimensional (distances, angles, etc..) or geometrical (tangent, parallel, etc..) constraints using the commands located in the Constraint toolbar.

    Sketch tools toolbar: The commands in this toolbar allow you to work in different modes which make sketching easier.

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  2. Step 4: Assembly Module

    Assembly environment is used to provide mating to two or more part models to from complete assembly

    We have two approaches in assembly

    Top -down approachBottom -up approach

    entire design structure will be created in product environment in Top - down approach whereas in bottom - up parts will be created separately and will be mated using mating or constraint tools.

  3. Catia drafting is of two types

    1.Interactive Drafting

    2. Generative Drafting

Below I created a list of simple keyboard shortcuts in CATIA. This article is an supplement of how to create a shortcut for a command in CATIA. I recommend to read this article to find how easy is to create your own list of shortcuts for a fast workflow and an easy way to save time when you work in CATIA.

If you want to print this table, you can download the PDF attached.

If you work in CATIA V6 you should see also the list of keyboard shortcuts for CATIA V6.

Use this keyboard key (or combination)…To…
EscapeExit the current dialog box (when there is one)
F1Get contextual online help
Shift + F1Get help on toolbar icons
Shift + F2Toggle the specification tree overview on and off
F3Toggle specification tree display on and off
Alt + F8Run macros
Shift + F3Activate the graph if the model is active and inversely
HomeDisplay the top of the graph
EndDisplay the bottom of the graph
Page UpRelocate the graph one page up
Page DownRelocate the graph one page down
Ctrl + Page UpZoom In the graph
Ctrl + Page DownZoom Out the graph
Up arrowRelocate the graph 1/10th (one tenth) of a page to the top
Down arrowRelocate the graph 1/10th (one tenth) of a page to the bottom
Left arrowRelocate the graph 1/10th (one tenth) of a page to the left
Right arrowRelocate the graph 1/10th (one tenth) of a page to the right
Ctrl + TabSwap active document windows
Alt + EnterRun the Properties… command
Ctrl + CRun the Copy command
Ctrl + FRun the Search… command
Ctrl + GRun the Selection Sets… command
Ctrl + NRun the New… command
Ctrl + ORun the Open… command
Ctrl + PRun the Print… command
Ctrl + SRun the Save… command
Ctrl + VRun the Paste command
Ctrl + XRun the Cut command
Ctrl + YRun the Redo command
Ctrl + ZRun the Undo command

Catia V5 Tutorial

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