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Ultimate Upsell by Tabarnapp is a versatile app for Shopify store owners. It is built on the foundation of enabling upselling products. And in addition to upselling on add-ons or bundles, upselling on the thank you page after checkout is a highlighted feature of this app. Share webCountdown with your friends! Create a countdown for your special date. Customize your countdown clock, send a link to your friends and use the big countdown as homepage. For a short interval you can use the online timer/clock to count down to zero. No sign-up and for free! Make use of social media for referral traffic with social network sharing; Increase checkout conversion with countdown timer, exit-intent and so on; Beautifully customized coupon themes; Sales gamification which boosts order value; Post-checkout upsell recommendations; Price: From $20.99/month. 15-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

The 3 Functions Of A Checkout Page: Besides being a page that can collect credit card information, there are three vital and essential roles your Checkout Page needs to play: #1. Sell Your Offer #2. Eliminate Risk #3. Make Action Easy I've identified 10 things you can do right now to super-charge your Checkout Page and improve these three functions immediately. Checkout Pages That Sell: What.

In Part 1 of this 3 part series, we covered “7 Bulletproof Strategies To Increase Lifetime Customer Value”. If you haven’t read through that one, I’d check it out.

The TL;DR is: increase the value of your customers over time, and dominate your market.

Checkout Boost Social Sharing Countdown Timer Upsell

Simple as that. The biggest brands on the planet find ways to make a $10 customer into a $20 customer. Then a $50 customer. Then a $100 customer. And up, and up it goes.

Now, of the 7 strategies covered in Part 1, there is a king among them. A heavyweight champion. A King of the Hill, if you will.

Any guess which one it is?

I’ll give you a hint, this post (Part 2 of 3) is going to cover the “6 Essentials Elements Of The Ultimate Upsell Page”. Keep reading, and you can even download my personal ultimate upsell page template to use for your own stuff.

But we’ll get to that.

Checkout boost social sharing countdown timer upsell

First, let’s take a look at how 1-click upsells are going to change your business tomorrow…

The “King Of The Hill” is 1 Click Upsells, in case you didn’t catch on yet. They are the quickest, easiest way double (or even triple) your profits overnight.

Sound too good to be true? Well, let’s take a look at SamCart’s database…

Between the 1,000s of business owners who call SamCart home for taking orders, upselling customers, managing affiliates, and everything in between, SamCart processes millions of dollars in sales every single month.

That’s a lot of data.

The SamCart database affords us the luxury of knowing what works, and what doesn’t. So when I say that 1-Click Upsells are the single fastest way to double (or triple) your profits, I am not guessing.

Checkout Boost Social Sharing Countdown Timer Upsell

This is not a wild stab in the dark. This is not some fly-by-night observation. It is a cold hard fact.

SamCart’s database shows that introducing just a single 1-click upsell, increases sales by +68.1%.

That’s a +68.1% increase in your sales with just a SINGLE 1-click upsell. I’m talking to you, people who currently have ZERO 1-click upsells…

And think about this, if your total sales increased by 68% tomorrow, what would that do to your profits?? I’ll tell you….

Profits will double (or even triple). Doesn’t sound so crazy anymore, does it?

Lucky for you, creating a 1-Click Upsell is easier than ever with SamCart.

In fact, you want to know how difficult it used to be for regular people, like you and me, to create 1-click upsells? I’ll tell you…

Creating 1-click upsells (the lifeblood of every business I’ve ever touched) was so difficult that I burnt tens of thousands of dollars constantly switching from tool to tool trying to find a simple solution.

Creating 1-click upsells was so difficult that I had to pay outsourced, overpriced tech help a small fortune just to get my promotions out on time. And they always broke…

Checkout boost social sharing countdown timer upsell

Creating 1-click upsells was so difficult that I invested a big fortune literally building my own software company, just to make it easy for regular people….like you and me.

And that company is such a good idea that it is eating everyone else’s lunch. I should write the “other guys” a thank you note for helping make SamCart look so good.

Business owners are starving for simple tools that help them make more money, without needing a computer science degree or a team of expensive techies. And that’s exactly what SamCart is.

But I digress…

Let’s quickly walk through how easy it is the create your first 1-click upsell.

First, login to SamCart and click on the “Upsells” tab.

Then, create a new upsell. Give it a name, attach a product from a drop-down menu, embed a video, and boom. You’re done.

Just like that. It’s over, and your business is changed forever.

Don’t have a video? No problem. Use the simple editor (big changes coming soon here!) to plug in text, images, whatever you want.

Either way, you’re done. And your bottom line will never be the same.

Don’t have SamCart? You’ll have a tougher road ahead of you, but you’ll figure it out. And just so we’re clear, SamCart will be here when you’re done pulling your hair out and ready to get stuff done.

The point is, now you know that making a 1-click upsell isn’t a challenge anymore. No more excuses, we’re perfectly clear here. You can make a 1-click upsell.

Anyone can now.

With that being said, let’s lay it all out there. SamCart’s database has been perfectly clear. The highest converting upsell offers constantly have 6 common elements.

Put together these 6 elements, and you get what I call, “The Ultimate Upsell Page”.

Like the Power Rangers teaming up to create the Megazord, peice together these 6 elements, and you will create something stronger than the sum of its parts.

1) Grab Attention With A Headline

The very first thing you should do on an upsell page is to grab your visitors attention.

Now, seeing an upsell page means that this visitor has just placed an order. Remember that. This is no ordinary visitor.
This, my friends, is a customer. And should be treated as one.

Writing the headline is simple. Hop into SamCart, pull up the simple upsell editor, plug in a headline.

Then you can live preview your changes, and you’re all set. Just like that, you’re moving on. Simple, right?

Now what do you right for your headline? Remember, this is a customer. So this isn’t the same headline you might put on a landing page. You’ve already convinced this visitor to make a purchase, so your goals are a little different…

On your upsell page, the headline needs to confirm that the user is in the right place, while also holding their attention just a few minutes longer.

Writing your first upsell headline? Here are 4 of my favorite headlines to plug into your next upsell page…

  • “Congrats on your order! I just have one quick announcement…”
  • “Wait! Your order is not complete…”
  • “Have you ever wondered why __________________ seem to always __________________?”
  • “The Biggest Question I Get Is…”

The top two confirm that the person is the right place. They have just completed an order, so talk about the order. Leave no doubt that this is the right place for them!

The second two tease out some additional curiosity, while setting the stage for the upsell offer you’re about to make. Remember, whatever curiosity you might tease in the headline, you continue the train of thought in your subheadline.

Headlines don’t need to be long. In fact, the best headlines are between 5-7 words.

Biggest mistake I see people make is writing headlines that look like full paragraphs. Don’t do it people. Less is more!

2) Draw Out Their Interest With A Subheadline

Your headline’s job is to hold your visitors attention. Your subheadline is where you draw their attention towards your offer.

It’s probably easier just to show you some of my favorite subheadline formulas…

Formula #1: The Hero Hook

“How A _______________ Accomplished __________, __________, & __________ Without Ever _______________…”

Back in my baseball days, it sounded like this, “How An Under-Sized Small High School Player Became A College All-American Without Ever Lifting A Single Weight”.

Interesting stuff, right? I was a small kid, from a small high school, who never lifted. But yes, I did become a College All-American baseball player. Would you want to hear more about that story? My audience sure loved it.

The “Hero” is normally you, but it doesn’t have to be. And remember, the more of an “underdog” you can make it, the better the hook.

Formula #2: The Burning Question

“How Do I _______________ Without _______________, _______________, or _______________?

This one requires you to understand your audience’s biggest frustrations. If you do, then just fill in the blanks. Simple as that.

“How Do I Get Free Facebook Traffic Without Paying For Ads, Having An Email List, or Wasting All Of My Time?”

That headline ran for 3+ years in my Get 10,000 Fans brand. Simple little product about a few hacks for getting organic traffic from a Fan Page.

Do you see why it was so successful? I touch directly on my audience’s biggest pain points. They ate it up.

Formula #3: The New Path

“The [Adjective] New Way To ______________________________ With/Without ____________________”

In the eternal words of Barney Stinson, “New is always better.” People love new stuff. So this subheadline frames your offer as the newest method to getting that they are looking for.

Doesn’t matter if you’re selling a shopping cart software, or frying pans, your audience wants something. And whatever they want, that your product helps them get, goes in that first blank space…

“The Crazy New Way To Add 30 Yards To Your Drive With The Same Old Clubs.”

Every golfer wants another 30 yards on their drive. And no one wants to go out and buy brand new clubs to do it. Think this headline did well? Ya, me too.

3) Make A Killer Offer In The Video

Time and time again, one question comes up. “What converts better, video or text upsell pages?”

Well, time and time again, the SamCart database tells us that video upsell pages outconvert plain text. So if you really want to know, video is the winner.

However, if you haven’t created your first upsell yet, don’t sweat it. A text upsell page will always out convert no upsell page at all…

For anyone who does make videos, placing them onto your upsell page is an absolute breeze. Just upload to any of the major video hosting sites; Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, Amazon S3, etc.


Go into SamCart, and paste in the URL to your video.

Preview the page, and boom. Video all set and ready to go. Train your golden retriever to do make your upsell pages from now on.

Now you know that you can easily embed videos securely onto any upsell page. So now I’m sure your next question is, “What do I say in the video?”

To be blunt, it really doesn’t matter.

That might ruffle some feathers of expensive “copywriters” out there. You know, the guys you shell out piles of cash to in order to write “the perfect copy”?

In my professional experience, if your upsell offer answers 3 simple questions for your customers, then you’re about 95% of the way there. Sure, you could hire a copywriter, or employ one if you’re feeling real crazy. But let’s just go with these 3 questions first.

Checkout boost social sharing countdown timer upsell

Answer these 3 questions for your visitors, and you’ll be on your way to exploding your profits…

  1. “What it the product?”
  2. “What does it do for me?”
  3. “How can I get it?”

That’s it. Brian Moran, keeping it simple since 1986.

If I ever run for office, I’ll keep that as my campaign slogan.

4) Add to Cart Button/Decline Button

This one seems obvious, right? If you are offering something, your customers need to be able to say “Yes” or “No”. But there’s more to it than that…

If your Yes/No buttons are the same color, you’re losing sales.

If your Yes/No buttons are the same size, you’re losing sales.

If your Yes/No buttons have one word a peice on them, you’re losing sales.

Your Yes button should stand out on the page. And it should never just say “Buy Now” or “Yes!”. Make your Yes button’s text be attractive to your customers! Something like, “Add To My Order!” or “Reserve My Discounted Rate Now!” helps boost conversions.

Positive wording helps get rid of the “cognative dissonance” (fancy word for “buyers remorse”) your customers could be feeling. Lucky for you, changing the text on your Yes button is super simple with SamCart…

Just open an upsell, and type in the text you want. Done and done. Your Yes/No buttons are completely customized, and your upsell conversion is up!

5) Contact Info

Here’s a weird one, have contact information available on your upsell page.

Doesn’t need to be crazy, something as simple as an email where customers can contact you. Time and time again, adding contact information increase upsell conversions.

The main objection people have to adding contact info is that they don’t want to be found. They don’t want extra support, or to have anyone emailing them. What kind of crap is that??

These are your customers! These are not random people who are just going to be bugging you for no reason. These are your customers. If you get an email from them, more often than not, it’s going to be an opportunity to make more money.

“Hey, I’m trying to buy but my card got declined. Can you help?” Boom, more money waiting to be made.

Add contact info, and make more sales.

6) Add Scarcity With A Countdown Timer

Here’s a Pro Tip: scarcity sells more products. Find ways to introduce scarcity into your upsells any way possible. You’ll thank me later.

That’s why the best upsell offers are discounts that expire when someone leaves the page. Offers you cannot get anywhere else.

And the SamCart database agrees. When we check in on the highest converting upsell offers, we find countdown timers everywhere. Countdown timers give your visitors a visual clue that says, “We need a decision right now, this offer is going away when this clock hits zero.”

Adding a countdown timer is coming soon to SamCart. But in the meantime, here are our two recommendations for the best tools to use to add a countdown timer to your upsells.

  1. Timerlay by Ben Adkins. Simple, easy, evergreen timers.
  2. Deadline funnel. Useful for putting in timers to emails, upsell pages, and more.

Add a timer, make more sales.

Download SamCart’s Ultimate Upsell Template

Wether you use SamCart or not, I want you to see the difference 1-Click Upsells can make in your business. Click the image below, and you can download SamCart’s Ultimate Upsell Template today!

You get the full HTML files, so you can install your own Ultimate Upsell template. And be sure to stay tuned to your email. If you would like even more help on how to craft your upsells, the perfect prices to charge, how to create killer videos, pre-written upsell scripts, we have something very cool coming your way.

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