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Write and memorize flash cards on Windows. The Flashcard Hero app keeps track of the study progress for each card. Use the Spaced Repetition learning technique. Flashcards are a favorite study method, allowing you to learn large amounts of material, then weed out the parts you already know. But writing out hundreds of index cards and carrying them around.


Some things in your life have to be memorized. Facts, formulas, words, pictures, dates, procedures, even names and faces. Everything you do includes information that needs to reside in your head. Studies can help with that.

Studies is a flashcard app for the serious student, with editions for Mac®, iPhone® and iPad®. It's a tool to extend your knowledge, and it doesn't matter what it is you want to learn — medicine, law, history, driving, aviation, fine art, music, or martial arts — from simple day-to-day tidbits, to knowledge of life changing importance. Studies is an app to help you achieve your learning goals.

To get started, download the iPhone/iPad app, or download the free trial for Mac.

Study Notes

Studies allows you to turn the information you need to learn into study notes, similar to traditional flashcards, but much more powerful. Notes can include as many sides as you like, each of which can contain text, images, audio, and even video. Creating your own flashcards, or importing cards from others, is as easy as can be.

Due for Study

Studies includes scientifically-based learning schedules designed to make the time you spend studying as efficient as possible. Set a schedule based on your goals, from long-term learning to cramming for an exam, and Studies will automatically make notes due for study each day.

Study Sessions

Once you have a set of notes prepared, you can study them in beautifully presented study sessions, which make studying less of a chore. Grade yourself as you go, and studies will ensure the ones you don't know very well will reappear more often in future sessions.



Everything you study is tracked by Studies. This information is used to schedule notes for future study, but also to provide statistics and predictions on how well you know the material. You can not only see how many notes you graded right or wrong, but you also have access to estimates of how long you will remember what you are studying.

Selective Sync

Many of us now carry multiple Apple devices, and having your data silo-ed on one device is a drag. Studies includes iCloud® sync using the latest CloudKit® technology from Apple. Add notes on your desktop Mac, and they will appear on your iPhone or iPad when you come to study them later. Even your study sessions are synced, so you can start on one device, and finish on another. You can even choose what you want to sync.

Mental case migration

Studies is the next generation of the app Mental Case. If you have been using Mental Case on your Mac, iPhone or iPad, you can get a 30% discount by downloading Studies from this web site, and using the coupon MCUPGRADE (not available in Mac App Store).

Once Studies is installed, you can migrate all of your data, including the study history and scheduling, when you first launch. You should even find your data takes up much less space in Studies than it did in Mental Case.


Studies has a multitude of different file formats to share your study notes with others. You can export an archive that can be imported into Studies (or Mental Case) on another device. You can also import and export standard text formats like CSV and TSV, which are supported by many flashcard web sites.

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