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An Indian bride is a beauty the entire world looks up to. The traditional Indian bridal dress is something people from all over the world would pay any amount of money to get their hands on. However, we Indians ourselves have followed the traditional way for decades now and we want something unique which would get all eyes rolling on at marriage hall. Say, a fusion of the traditional Indian wedding gown with a twist of the west. There are a lot of ideas for unique Indian wedding dresses for the bride.


Plethora of Choices

Indian bridal dresses are beautiful in their own essence and adding something unique will not take away from it, but rather add to its beauty. The Indian bridal gowns as a unique wedding reception idea nowadays are breaking stereotypes in the sense, that fashion sense around the bridal collection has evolved. There are a number of fresh elements in the style, colours, and drapes of the Indian bridal dress. What’s noteworthy is that with the rich cultural diversity of India, the Indian bridal dresses are already available in unique different varieties depending on where it is from.

With the acceptance of this diversity, Indian brides are opting for a wedding dress from another state. In order to break the monotony of all the similar wedding dresses in their own family, they are opting for the tradition of the neighbouring brides. So there already exists a plethora of choices of wedding dresses for an Indian bride to choose from. In the west, the white bridal gown with a veil is the most dominant wedding dress. India has variety in its own traditions. Yet, we Indians want more. We want it all. So, we go for the latest fashion designers who give us even more options and we take from the west too. We mix and match everything to create something new in its own essence.

Importance of the Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is just so important because all eyes are on the bride. It is a prized possession for life. The Indian bridal dress is important because it becomes a tradition the day it is worn by the bride. No matter if it is the classic traditional dress or the trendiest wedding gown of the moment. Json tool for mac. The Indian wedding gown is a treasure for the family.

Indian Bridal Dress Trends for the Year

Since most women nowadays want something unique and special, the latest trends or unique Indian wedding ideas are evolving to suit their style. Women want something personalized for them. They no longer settle for a wedding gown because it is what they are expected to wear on their wedding day. The color or the designs on the dress aren’t the only things Indian brides get to choose now. They get to decide everything about the dress including the drape, the cut, the color, the style, and the accessories that go with it. Here are some of the most popular and beautiful Indian wedding dress trends in vogue right now. If you are ready to get married any time in the near future, consider these options. They are the surest head turners of the season.


1. Pastels

The Indian bride does not want to be limited to red, pink, maroon, and magenta anymore. No, even purple is just not unique enough. Indian brides are breaking the customs without qualms. They are going for lighter pastels. Many women don’t even like dark red colors. Why should they have to wear it on one of the most special days of their personal life? They are going for pastel shades like lavender, beige, sunset yellow, mint green, peach, and turquoise

2. Themes

Ever since theme weddings became a thing, brides want to be a part of it in the body. The commonest bridal theme dress is Disney princess dresses. Indian brides love the idea of meeting their real-life prince and get dressed up like the princess she likes during her childhood. The Cinderella and Belle signature dresses are the commonest. Elsa dress takes the cake though.

3. Heavy Embroidered

The wedding also means to have some heavy lehenga but if you are able to carry it. The full embroidered heavy lehenga will give you the most beautiful look you ever imagined. The work in it will make you the queen of that moment. But always keep in mind never force yourself to wear the heavy one or buy the heavy embroidered one which doesn’t have a heavyweight to it. Choose the dress which will make you comfortable and not tired.

4. Gown Saree Mash Up

Okay so, things have changed and the strong Indian woman is the sum total of the best things about India and the rest of the world. So, her wedding dress should live up to the personality she is. Strong, yet soft. Beautifully bold, yet delicate.


It is more elegant than the most beautiful gown and more convenient and comfortable than the usual saree.

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5. Statement Hues

For brides who think even pastels are becoming quite common a choice for a wedding dress, statement colours scream their name. Going for a bold royal blue, or electric blue, or the brightest yellow, whatever makes the bride stand out, works. The aim is to stand out even in the pictures decades later. Statement colours are not easy to pull off, but Indian brides are too beautiful to fail.

6. Metallic Shades

The metallic bridal dress is not just about silver, grey, gold, or bronze colours. The texture and fabric of the dress are what makes it stand out. Only the boldest and coolest of brides can pull this trend off. If you think you have the confidence of a supermodel, but chose a different profession, your wedding day should be the day you get to be the showstopper, literally!

7. Mermaid Style lehenga

Try something new, choose the lehenga which is mermaid design but the colour should be royal and regal. This will give you a royal mermaid look and you will definitely look different on your wedding. Just keep in mind to try the lehenga before marriage so that you can know how comfortable you will be. Be a mermaid on your wedding and be the princess on this special day!

8. Princess Tail

Sweeping off the bright staircase as you walk would never be cool unless you are in a princess tail dress. You could have little children or your friends hold the dress for you as you climb up and down the stairs. It is only practical but can look cute as well. Don’t expect to breeze through the stairs without any help.

The pictures you see in the fashion magazines are taken after the model stays still while the dress is nicely spread out. Nothing complements the graceful gait of an Indian bride like these long flowing princess tails.

9. Layers

Add a lot of layers to your Lehenga. Don’t just drape a saree. None of the traditional drapes are different anymore. With a layered Indian wedding dress, you get to flaunt the silhouettes like a boss. Also, if you have weight issues, you think your tummy is too big, or your legs are too thin, the layers, tactfully done, will give your frame the most desired shape.

10. Belts

A belt on a wedding dress does sound weird. But when you try a belt on with a Lehenga, you will realize how skillfully it accentuates your waist. It will be a fitting accessory for your wedding day. You can have an elaborate fancy one with studded gems too!

11. Flare

Nothing enhances the feminine curves as flares do. If you want to look like the most delicate yet powerful person in the entire room, wear flares.

A bridal gown brings out the beauty of flare like no other dress can. So, if you are going to an Indian wedding gown that you want to love, go for flares.

12. Traditional with a Twist

The traditional red, maroon bridal dress with gold or silver embroidery can never go out of style. If you see yourself in this traditional dress, don’t worry about not getting to do something unique. Carry it with flair and add some bling to your dress. Customize it and make it about you! Add glares while you enter the wedding and style your hair like the supermodel you are. You will look unique yet traditional.

Word of Advice on the Time

Don’t forget to do your hair and makeup just right. Your wedding dress is the first thing you decide on so that you can get together with your makeup and hair artist to decide the course of action with. So, the first thing you should do is take the time margin very seriously. In order to get the best look you want for your wedding day, pick a dress at least a year before the wedding date.

Yes, you will have your doubts. Every bride and groom secretly goes through negative thoughts before their wedding. What if their partner gets cold feet and runs off, what if they break up! But most of the time, when you are about to get married to someone for real, you will be sure. And then, you will want the perfect dress for the day.

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So, put aside your fears, and start browsing. Get your dress ready at least six months before the date so that you have plenty of time to work on the rest of your look or the alterations to the dress or to your body so that you can look like the flawless princess you would love to see in the mirror.

These were some Indian bridal dress ideas for the bride who won’t compromise. There is style, class, comfort, and poise in these Indian wedding gown ideas. All you need to do is get enough sleep so that you look radiant and confident while you happily strut off in one of these trendy Indian bridal dresses. Get cheerful and enjoy your day with excitement!

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