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Eric's in the sailing mood with Kaldheim's Cosima, God of the Voyage in Commander, captaining a rowdy crew of boats and sailors to victory! The post Kaldheim Commander Spotlight: Sailing Away with Cosima, God of the Voyage appeared first on ChannelFireball - Magic: The Gathering Strategy, Singles, Cards, Decks.

Dual Shot – Ebb and Flow

Commander Damage Partner

  • Level 5 renamed from Space Force Leader to Commander Of The World. New skins: Bunny, Spring Time; 26 May 2020. Bug: Level 0 and 1 Commander no longer supply a 10% firerate buff. 29 October 2020. Unlock cost increased from $1,500 to $3,500. Level 5 requirement added. Statistical changes: Base. Damage decreased from 6 to 4.
  • As such, “commander-ness” cannot be copied or overwritten by continuous effects. The card retains it’s commander-ness through any status changes, and is still a commander even when controlled by another player. If a player has been dealt 21 points of combat damage by a particular Commander during the game, that player loses a game.
Commander Dmg

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Uncommonders – A Bark from War of the Spark!


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EDH Player Psychographics – Negotiating with Goblin Diplomats

Negotiation is for those who don’t attack enough. At least that’s what Goblin Diplomats think. Today is the sixth (and final?) edition of our EDH Player Psychographic series. We’ve covered Herm/Hermettes, Turtles, Mackenzies, Barktooths, and Puppet Masters. To round things out, we’ll take a look at perhaps the most extreme psychographic there is: the Goblin Diplomat, […]

Commander Dmg

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