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Showcase your work online with a portfolio website. Get all the design features and pro tools you need. Create your free online portfolio today. Your portfolio can contain proof of your skills, samples of your work and letters of recommendation along with your resume. Browntreeblog. You can have a physical portfolio or create one online. Creating a portfolio can help you prepare for the interview process. You can review your portfolio before an interview to recall specific examples of your. Flipsnack offers you hundreds of free online portfolios so you can unleash your creativity and create the best portfolio ever that will definitely catch everyone’s attention! As we’ve said before, it can be any kind of portfolio, we have plenty of everything.

Creating a portfolio website is if the first step towards getting a potential employer’s attention and scoring a new job. However, in order to achieve that, you first need to make sure that you know how to design portfolio that stands out.

Having a professional online portfolio shows people that you mean business. Format is designed for creative professionals including photographers, designers, models, architects, musicians, illustrators, videographers, artists, interior designers, graphic designers, web designers, wedding photographers, fashion designers, food photographers, UX designers.

If you aren’t sure how to make an outstanding portfolio website, you’ve come to the right place.

Your Best Work Comes First

Portfolio websites offer thousands of portfolios for potential employers to choose from so you have to understand that not everybody is going to spend hours analyzing every last detail you’ve written down there.

In fact, according to Tony Haile of Chartbeat, you only have 15 seconds of your future employer’s attention to make a perfect first impression!

That being said, it is only logical that you have to put your best work first because if you don’t, there is a big chance it will go unnoticed.

Try putting yourself in the client’s shoes and create a portfolio that would catch your attention if you were the portfolio website visitor.

You can always search for some web design inspiration by checking out portfolio examples on a free portfolio website and you can even use a pre-made portfolio template which could be very helpful with your portfolio design.

One way or another, always make sure that your online portfolio clearly displays your best work first!

Create a Portfolio that is Easy to Navigate

When you think about how to create a portfolio, you should always keep in mind that your portfolio has to be easy to navigate.

Creating categories and dividing your work into segments makes it much easier for a person browsing through a portfolio website to better understand your portfolio and the most important aspects of your work.

So before creating your free online portfolio, try visiting other portfolio sites to see both good and bad online portfolio examples and the categories people use most often to classify their work.

Make Your Own Website

Create An Online Portfolio

You can easily make your own website with the help of portfolio website templates, free website design, and website design inspiration you’ve collected so far.

However, you should also consider hiring one of the professional builders to make sure that you’ll end up with one of the best portfolio websites out there. Just keep in mind that hiring a pro comes with a price.

Find the best graphic design portfolio or the best web developer portfolio is the beginning or finding the right person to do a good job for you.

Also, you can always rely on other high-quality sites to provide some of that necessary web inspiration you need to make a website.

You Need a Domain Name

If you want to build your website, you’re going to need your own domain name. It is not a must, but it will prove itself very helpful with your branding and marketing.

It also adds that little extra edge to your business and makes you seem more passionate about the work you do which automatically helps to build your credibility and creates an image of a trustworthy and strong brand, person, or company.

Create A Digital Portfolio online, free

Search Engine Optimization

If you truly want a top portfolio website, simply creating one isn’t enough. You also need to make sure that people can find it so optimizing it for search engines is a must!

Personal portfolio websites that are impossible to find on Google are mostly just a waste of your time and resources.

Have Vision and Mission

Before you start creating your web portfolio, you should know your vision and mission, or at least the clear reason why you decided to create this portfolio in the first place.


Once you know what message you want your portfolio to send, you can start creating it. For example, interior design portfolio is not going to look the same as a graphic designer portfolio or web designer portfolio.

Create An Online Portfolio Website

Know your clients, consider your objectives, and then build your portfolio accordingly.

Choose Projects with Best Results

When building your portfolio website, be selective. There is no need to list every single detail and ever insignificant project from your past.

Choose projects with best results and put them on display, preferably divide them into categories to make the portfolio more organized.

Don’t forget to put the emphasis on the type of projects you would prefer working on in the future!


Tell the Story – Provide Context

Adding context to your website portfolio can be very helpful to present your work the right way. Don’t be afraid to tell the story behind your most successful projects and explain how the work was created.

Try finding portfolio website examples where case studies were used to explain the process of completing the work. Include client’s goals and explain how you managed to fulfill them by demonstrating your approach step by step.

Introduce Yourself (Not Just Your Work)

When you plan your portfolio layout, don’t forget to include a concise bio to let the clients know you as well as your work. Include your best skills, experience, background, as well as some of your biggest accomplishments.

Having a good logo can also help you make a better first impression and stand out on a portfolio site. It is all a part of branding yourself which is very useful (if not necessary) in the long run.

Keep it Concise

Good presentation is everything. You should consider using portfolio templates to help you keep the design clean.

Keep your portfolio concise and simple, and make sure it is easy to navigate and accessible.

Awards and Recommendation

Having good recommendations is always a big plus so if you can include any of the testimonials from the clients you had worked with in the past, you should always do that.

The same thing goes for awards and certification – put them on display as they will make you seem more trustworthy and reliable.

Do Your Best

Once you have a great portfolio online, it is not time to lay back and relax. On the contrary, the hardest work is yet to come.

If you want to be among the best, you have to do your absolute best to produce top-notch work at all times! Only the best work can attract the best clients so if that’s what you’re shooting for, you have to be willing to do some heavy lifting!

The Power of Blogging

Creating a top-notch portfolio website means more than just putting up great images and listing your past work.


You shouldn’t underestimate the power of blogging and keeping your portfolio alive by adding fresh content and even educate the clients with your own experience and knowledge.

It is also a great way to strengthen your brand and become easily recognizable in the sea of the experts in your domain.

Use Social Media

If you truly want to grow your network, you should consider including social media buttons in your portfolio website as they will be of huge help in building stronger connections and keep your clients and followers updated at all times.

Ending thoughts on creating a portfolio website

Creating a portfolio website is a great step towards helping the potential clients find you and choose YOU in the sea of experts in your field, as well as towards promoting your work and displaying your success and abilities.

A well-made, creative portfolio makes all the difference between making a fine first impression a truly outstanding one.

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