Dmg Mori Ctx Beta 2000wizardstree

  1. Dmg Ctx Beta 2000
  2. Dmg Mori Ctx Beta 800 Tc
Dmg Mori Ctx Beta 2000wizardstree

High Precision Turret for the highest accuracy with 4,000 rpm, 12,5 kW and 85 Nm

The turn-mill machines of the CTX TC, NT and NTX series represent the premium class of universal turning centres. Up to 6-side turning and up to 5-axis CNC milling can be achieved in one setting with these turning machines. DMG MORI latest product and topics. Find the best machine that meets your workpiece and machining requirements. CTX beta 500 linear. High-performance Universal. CTX beta 2000: 150 mm (± 75) + Automatic steady rest. for vibration-free machining of long components such as shafts CTX beta 800 linear: Clamping diameter from 8 mm to 200 mm, (not in combination with a counter spindle) CTX beta 1250 linear / 2000: Clamping diameter from 8 mm to 350 mm (trailing or controlled by an independent NC-axis). Consult DMG MORI's entire Tool presetting catalogue on DirectIndustry. CTX beta 800 TC. DMG MORI Systems.

  • <10 μm tolerance in diameter
  • <10 μm thermal stability by active cooling

Machining of workpieces up to Ø 600 mm turning diameter and up to 2000 mm turning length

  • Max. chuck diameter 500 mm
  • VDI 50 turret with 12 driven tool positions + 6 Blocktool
  • NC tailstock and steady rest (options)

Dmg Ctx Beta 2000

Machining of workpieces up to Ø 600 mm turning diameter and 2.000 mm turning length

  • Circular diameter up to 800 mm
  • Bar machining of workpieces up to Ø 111 mm
  • Mainspindle ISM 102 with 4.000 min-1, 45 kW and 770 Nm Standard, optional ISM 102 plus with 2.500 min-1, 52 kW and 2.200 Nm

The CTX 4A, NZX and NZX-S series form the youngest generation of DMG MORI production turning machines. Every series sets new standards with respect to quality, safety and economic viability at the time of manufacturing highly precise rotating parts in average to large numbers.

Dmg ctx beta 2000

Dmg Mori Ctx Beta 800 Tc

From metal-cutting fabrication of larger quantities or series, right up to mass fabrication, DMG MORI offers a wide range of automatic turning centres. The SPRINT automatic turning machines particularly focus on the flexible processing of workpieces having simple to complex geometry. SPRINT automatic turning centres with SWISSTYPEkit are suitable for turning with a guide bush or without, whereas CNC-controlled multi-spindle automatic turning centres target the series production of complex precision parts.