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Pokemon Stat Calculator (Gen 3-8) This calculator will tell you the potential base stats of a pokemon at a given level. You can include nature and IVs to see the stats for a specific pokemon or leave them blank to see all possibilities for a pokemon at a specific level. Quotes are not sourced from all markets and may be delayed up to 20 minutes. Information is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice. Experience Point Calculator. This calculator automates the process of determining experience using the most popular method in d20, where each PC's award is based on two things: the difficulty of each challenge relative to their level, and the number of PCs in the party.

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Update 7/27/01:

It has been brought to my attention that there may be some rounding issues with the Regeneration calculators, this has been remedied and will be released as soon as possible. Before the next release a couple new features will be implemented (hopefully). There will be a Poison Damage calculator as well as the ability to enter pertinent character information on its own window and save it to the database. Thus you could store multiple characters and easily change between them through that one form. A screenshot example can be found here.

Update 7/24/01:

Elly at is probably busy with the server switch that's going on, so the calculator is not yet available there. Keep checking the Lurker Lounge for the calculator for now.

Update 7/22/01:

Ares mp3 download for macbeattree. Version 2.0.1 has been sent out to Elly and Bolty. This release fixes some Run-Time Error 6: Overflow bugs as well as a few display issues. A problem with the multi-player options was also taken care of. If experience was calculated for three people and then you set Players in Party to two, it could still calculate experience for a three person group. This will no longer happen.

Also added to v2.0.1 is a Zones listing on the Monster Detail screen. When you view a monster through either the Zone Detail or XP Calculator screen you will see a panel that displays the zones in which that monster resides.

The formula for Casting Speed has been updated to try and be a little more accurate. Please be aware that since the exact formulas for everything in the game are unknown to everyone except Blizzard. If data seems inaccurate, please let me know and I'll look into it.

Update 7/20/01:

Version 2 is now available. The file has been sent off to Bolty at the Lurker Lounge and Elly at Check their sites for updates as to where you can download the file. The install package is 1.8mb and will require MDAC 2.6 and Jet 4SP3 just like the previous version (if you have v1.0.19 working already you don't need those files).

NOTE: As with anything new you should back up your original installation first! Just copy out the diablo2xp.exe and diablo2.dat files from your installation folder in case this version does not like your system or has major design flaws ;) I can't test everything!

Dmg Xp Calculator What Pagerenewbed

Update 7/16/01:

If you are getting the error: 513, modDiablo2XP.Main - Cannot create DSN (or something like that) then check the following area:
Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> ODBC Data Sources (32-bit) -> Drivers tab.
If you don't see a Microsoft Access Driver listed there, then you're going to need to install it. The file can be found on Microsoft's site at:
After installing this program, it's about 3.5mb, then run the Calculator and hopefully all will be well.

Update 7/14/01:

Well the unthinkable has happened. Geoff Fraizer at Blizzard posted my calculator on the Arreat Summit and it received so many downloads that it blew up the Lurker Lounge. As a result the 10mb version has been removed from their site, which is probably a good thing. MDAC 2.6 will have to be retrieved from Microsoft, they can deal with the bandwidth. I still can't believe how many people have downloaded this program.

Version 2.0.0 of the calculator is on it's way, with a few new features and a somewhat new look.

What's new in v2 you ask?
1. A calculator for how min/max damage is affected by your strength/dexterity, just plug in your attributes and select a weapon type.
2. A blocking calculator for the expansion, enter in your level, dexterity and base shield block % and you're all set.
3. A kick damage calculator for you Assassins out there. Enter your strength and dexterity and find out what your min/max kick damage is.
4. A % to hit calculator based on the attack rating and level of the attacker compared to the defense rating and level of the defender.
5. A casting speed calculator, which may need some tweaking. Enter in your % fast cast and it should give a reasonably close number of frames per second.
6. Specific monster data! Use the experience calculator to find out how many XPs you get, click on the monster and press 'I' (or click the button) and you'll see the mobiles resistances, attack info, defense info. Click the Compute button and you'll see what the % to hit and to be hit are for that monster.
7. The calculator now saves your character information and last selected options so you don't have to enter them in every time you run the program.
8. The experience calculator now has a column showing the percent experience you get from the monsters.
9. More help available. You can now press F1 on any of the calculators to get help for that particular form. Alternatively, you can hover the mouse pointer over a field to view a tooltip help for that field.'
10. French/German/Portuguese! The XP Calculator screen now displays buttons, checkboxes, labels, etc in other languages. (I have russian, but VB isn't unicode capable)*
11. Small download size for those who already have v1.0.19+ (~260k)
12. A hunting grounds calculator that roughly computes experience/time based on the amount of experience given and the number of HP of the monster. A primary attack type is taken into consideration (physical, fire, cold, etc).
13. A check for updates button that will open your default web browser and check for a newer version of the program.
14. Regeneration calculators for mana, life and stamina.
15. A calculator for the percent chance for 'critical heal' when using mana and life potions.
16. Print options for both the Hunting Grounds calculator and the XP Calculator. When clicked, this will open up your default web browser with all of the data in a printable format.


Still to come are:
1. Weapon speed calculator.
2. Mercenary experience, as soon as we know how Blizzard is computing it.
3. Send your suggestions over, maybe it'll be in the next version!

*Thanks to Pier-Luc Charbonneau†for the translation.
Thanks to Markus Seger for the German translation.
Thanks to T.n.T. for the Portuguese version.
If you would like to see this program in a different language and can translate for me, drop me a note!

Update 7/12/01:

Between and this site we've received well over 18000 hits and have had about 12500 downloads, I'm unsure of the numbers from the Lurker Lounge. To everyone who has sent positive feedback: I thank you for your comments, it means a lot. To those who are having technical problems: I'm still on the case! ;) There seems to only be one problem that has happened to several people:
[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Could not find the file '(unknown').
This error will occur for one of two reasons. First, the file diablo2.dat is not in the same folder as diablo2xp.exe. Second, the DSN isn't set up correctly. To verify that the DSN has the correct file location, follow these steps:
1. Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> ODBC Data Sources (32-bit)
2. Click the Systen DSN tab at the top of the window
3. Hilite Diablo2XP and click Configure
4. Click Select database and navigate to your Diablo2XP installation folder, hilite the file diablo2.dat
5. Save your changes, close the applet and try the program again
If that doesn't solve the problem shoot an email off to me and please remember to include a few items:
1. Which download option did you choose?
2. What operating system are you running?
3. What version of the Microsoft Access Driver do you have (should be 4.00.4403.02 or better), to check:
a. Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> ODBC Data Sources (32-bit)
b. Click the Drivers tab at the top of the windows
c. Choose the Microsoft Access Driver and note the version number

Also, I know that the download links from this site are disabled, no need to send a note :P

Update 7/11/01:

Oh my! We seem to be getting a lot of traffic. I've had to remove the files from my web server due to bandwidth issues, however the files are available from, thanks Elly, as well as from, thanks as well to Bolty.

Bolty currently has all three download options available on his page, use the link on the right navigation bar. Elly has posted the 10mb full install on her FTP site and that link is also on the right navigation bar. The download links for my site have been disabled. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause anyone, but overnight I racked up $200 (~3000 downloads) in 'over the limit' charges from my provider. Since the software is free, I had to put a stop to downloading from this site.

Many people had questions regarding the colors used in the data grid. Color-coding is as follows (background/foreground : definition):
White / BlackNormal mobile, full XP
Magenta / BlackBoss/Super Unique, full XP
Cyan / BlackChampion mobile, full XP
Blue / WhiteUnique mobile, full XP
Red / WhiteAny monster, partial XP

I promise to upload some documentation and trouble-shooting tips this evening. Also, look for a link to a new executable and an updated data store this evening.

Update 7/10/01:

This program has seen over 200 downloads in the past two and a half days. Checking the logs I can see that some people are having trouble downloading the large file so I've added the 'Download Parts' options.

Please send feedback with any suggestions/thoughts about this program to Ixyatl so that I can improve it to be easier to use and more informative.

Wow, I made the front page of! Who'd have thought that? Now if I could only read French .. ;)

Update 7/9/01:

Dmg xp calculator what pagerenewbed degrees

For multiple party members in the same zone, this program adds and extra 35% experience PER player. If it turns out that the 35% bonus does not relate to the number of party members in the same zone then leave this field set to two if there are other party members with you or leave it at one if you are alone.

Update 7/7/01:

I originally wrote this calculator for private use only. I was tired of using the various online resources to find out monster levels and experience totals in an effort to locate the best areas for leveling my characters. Having used this program for quite some time now I've decided to clean it up a little bit, update the data store to v1.08 of Diablo 2: Classic and Lord of Destruction and release it for public use.

Use of this program should be fairly self-explanatory, there's really nothing very complicated about it. The only feature that isn't listed anywhere in the program is the ability to sort the data grid columns by double-clicking on the column headers. By default the grid is sorted by the largest adjusted experience values.

Xp Calculator Fortnite

I make no guarantees about the validity of the experience totals; the calculations are based on what I've read on the Arreat Summit and on the various online forums. The MPQ's monstats.txt and superuniques.txt were used to create the data store however; some monster classes in monstats.txt do not have matching names in string.tbl or patchstring.tbl. This means there may be a few mobiles that are simply named 'Blood Lord4' or some such within the data store.

There are two download options available. If you have Microsoft ADO 2.6 on your machine then you may want to use the smaller download package (2.4mb). If you do not then you'll have to run the full installation package, which is a whopping (10.2mb). Alternatively, if you do not have ADO 2.6 you can still download the smaller package and then visit Microsoft's data access site and download the MDAC 2.6 RTM. The archive from Microsoft is approximately 5.5mb; so you could save yourself 2.3mb worth of download by getting it from Microsoft and just installing the 2.4mb Diablo2XP program.

Xp Calculator Minecraft

The Diablo 2 XP Calculator is currently on version 1.0.20 and should be current up to v1.08. This program is provided as is and thusly has no warranty attached. I cannot guarantee that it won't blow up your computer when you run it. All I can say is that it has been tested and works quite lovely on my Win98, WinME and Win2k test platforms. God help you if you run WinNT. If you have any questions regarding this software feel free to email me at [email protected] and I'll get back to you. If you find any bugs, have suggestions for improvements or just want to tell me that you hate my guts, drop a note and I'll respond.

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