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Jan 15, 2018 EFI Mounter is developed by Apple Inc. And is used by 28 users of Mac Informer. The most popular versions of this product among our users are: 1.2 and 4.0. The product will soon be reviewed by our informers. Download EFI Mounter; Clover Configurator Clover Configurator actually is a GUI program that is made for editing config.plist, this is one of the most have tool for hackintosh due to it's features. You can edit your config.plist graphically with few clicks. This has an option at bottom left menu for mount and unmount EFI partition.

MacMan’s version of Koen2X’s EFI Mounter v3. Modified to use the diskutil command and sMacMan’s version of Koen2X’s EFI Mounter v2. Modified to use the diskutil command and supports running on systems with up to 10 disks attached.

What is the EFI partition?

Essentially, the EFI partition is a special 200-megabyte partition that is created on your computer’s hard drive when you first install Mac OS X, Linux, or newer versions of Windows. Apple originally used the EFI partition to help real Macs boot OS X (although real Macs don’t really need it). Clover modifies the EFI partition so that regular PCs can use it to boot OS X as well. Generally, this is good news for compatibility- thanks to Clover’s use of the EFI partition, you can now update your Hackintosh’s installation of OS X directly through the Apple App Store, often without having to reinstall your bootloader or any of your Hackintosh-specific kexts. Everything is preserved on the EFI partition.

However, the EFI partition is relatively difficult to work with, because it is hidden by default when OS X boots. More specifically, OS X doesn’t bother to “mount” the EFI partition when it normally boots. Unfortunately, if you want to change any of the settings for Clover bootloader, mounting the EFI partition becomes absolutely necessary, since all the configuration files for Clover are stored inside the partition.

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How to mount your EFI partition
Method 1: EFI Mounter
The easiest way to mount your computer’s EFI partition is by using the free “EFU Mounter v3” app, which is available to download on

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EFI Mounter Performance

MacMan's version of Koen2X's EFI Mounter v2. Modified to use the diskutil command and supports running on systems with up to 10 disks attached.

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