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Click on the Apple logo in the top left and choose Log Out. Select the account you do know the password to. Enter the password for that account. Open System Preferences Users & Groups. If you’ve forgotten your password, just try entering the wrong password three times at the sign-in screen. After three wrong answers, you’ll see a “If you forgot your password, you can reset it using your Apple ID” message. Click the button and enter your Apple ID details to reset your password.


Forgot My Mac Os X Password

Forgot password to macbook os x

Your Mac asks you to enter the name and password of an admin account when it needs to verify that you have permission to make changes. For example, you must authenticate as an administrator when you click the lock in System Preferences, enter certain commands in Terminal, or set a firmware password.

Forgot password for my mac

System Preferences might not accept a valid password in these circumstances:

  • The password for your macOS user account is blank. If you have been using a blank password to log in to your Mac, change your password in Users & Groups preferences. Don't use a blank password.
  • While using macOS Big Sur 11.1, your Mac with Apple T2 Security Chip has an issue that requires resetting the SMC. System Preferences should accept your password after you reset the SMC.

Forgot Password For My Mac

A little problem with a PM D2.3 running 10.5.6 required a clean install from discs. Everything went fine, including the migration back from Time Machine backup. Upon restart, however, I can't log in to my user. Seems my password is incorrect.
No worries, right? I restart from the discs (again) and use the Reset Password utility. Restart (again) and password has not been reset.
I try one more option, logging in as an Admin user and under Account Management, reset the password for my primary user. I get this message:
'Reset Password Failed'
I have clean installed and migrated a good user - the password does not work. I have clean installed and used Migration assistant to migrate ONLY that user. The password does not work. I have use the Reset Password utility - and failed.
What am I missing here? What kind of problem am I facing? I've NEVER had this happen in all my Mac time..
Thanks in advance,
Phoop out.

MBP 15 maxxed (plus 2 PM, 2iMac), Mac OS X (10.5.6)

MacbookForgot my mac os x password

Posted on Mar 24, 2009 9:05 PM