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Download Yahoo Messenger for Mac to exchange online messages that appear as soon as they're sent. Additional Requirements Mac OS 8.x/9.x, CarbonLib 1.5. 3 months free with 1-year plan. Free instant messenger client Adium (pronounced like 'stadium') for Mac OS X supports chatting with AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN and ICQ.

Yahoo! Messenger is the best Messenger software available
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Free Download Yahoo Messenger For Mac Os X 10.7

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Yahoo Messenger is one of the best messenger programs. It has got all the features a messenger software should have.
I like Yahoo Messenger mainly because of its stealth settings. You can select who, from all people, should see you online. You can also login 'invisible to everyone', just to check who is online, and thus set the options to be invisible to people who you don't wish to be able to see you.

SMS service helps you to send messages to people's mobile phones. Also, they can reply to the Yahoo messenger from their mobiles. But you must consider the international messaging rates for your mobile service provider if you are the one replying. Also, there is a 5 message limit. After sending 5 messages to a mobile number, the other person should reply. Only then, we can send some more messages. One thing I like about Yahoo is that you can set your status as “Online” with your mobile number. And all the messages (up to 5, maximum) that someone sends you, are delivered to your mobile, for free. You can reply, but that requires you to pay money.

Free Download Yahoo Messenger For Mac Os X

Games can be played in Messenger. I like to play chess with my friends. But there are not many games in it. Sometimes, the games may not work correctly, in case you have a slow connection.

PC to PC calls are available for free. The only thing is that you need a high-speed internet connection.

Chat rooms are also part of Yahoo Messenger. Anyway, have you ever tried joining a chat room? Well, you see a lot of people talking rubbish. Many of them will be typing numbers or some letters and characters, etc. I could say that the chat rooms are not that well monitored. There is also a conferencing feature. You can call all of your friends to login at a particular time and chat with them, just like in a chat room. But this is great. It doesn’t have people who would try to make problems in chat rooms, right?

Anyway, Yahoo Messenger is the best messenger software, considering its features and ease of use.


  • Games
  • Various themes
  • Chat rooms
  • Messaging via SMS
  • Conference
  • Stealth settings
  • PC calls

Free Download Yahoo Messenger For Mac Os X 10.13

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