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One of our marketplace consultants will work with you on a listing strategy including: lotting, start price, descriptions condition codes, and photo best practices.


Now that your strategy is in place, start listing! Our marketplace is auction based: the highest bidder wins. For some selling tips visit our Supply Seller Resources blog.

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You have the option to arrange shipping or have the buyer handle. For Buyer Arranged: you'll provide pick up and contact information. For Seller Arranged: a flat-rate fee will be applied to the buyer's order.

“We can get new products on Walmart Marketplace and the sales come faster than any other marketplace we are on.” About What started small, with a single discount store and the simple idea of selling more for less, has grown over the last 50 years into the largest retailer in the world.

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  • Sales people often spend time kidding themselves about doing busy work and don't get in front of customers who can buy their products. Your success in selling is about getting results and that.

The winning buyer will transfer payment to B-Stock. Once the shipment has been arranged and the order is successfully delivered, you will be paid via electronic deposit.


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Want thousands of business buyers to see what you're selling? You've come to the right place. B-Stock Supply is an online auction marketplace where SMBs can sell returned, excess, and refurbished merchandise to a large and growing network of business buyers. On the marketplace you can list inventory of any category, condition, or lot size.

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So, whether you need a B2B channel to quickly turn your overstock into cash or want a platform to grow your business, we invite you to sell on Supply.

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