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Trusted Mac download GoodTask 6.1.1. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get GoodTask alternative downloads. GoodTask is a powerful Task / project manager based reminders and calendars Apple. You can use it as a simple checklist to focus or complex project management tools to get the big things done.

Goodtask For Mac

Goodtask Software For Mac

GoodTask is a powerful task/project manager based on Apple's Reminders and Calendars. Windows error target account name is incorrect. You can use it as simple checklist to focus or as complex project management tool to get big things done. GoodTask 3 provides various viewpoints to the things that you care and need to be done. Manage your tasks, projects and even your life better with GoodTask.

  • Syncs with default stock Reminders and Calendars (iCloud/Exchange/etc)
  • Supports fully customizable recurring tasks
  • Manage reminders, lists, and calendars easily
  • List, day, week, month view on each lists
  • Add quickly and smartly with quick actions and text snippets
  • List with selective reminders, lists, and calendars
  • Filter by including or excluding text/tags
  • Filter by priorities
  • Overdue tasks, location-based tasks, recent tasks, etc.
  • Quickly edit tasks on-the-fly
  • Bulk actions to edit/check/delete multiple tasks at once
  • Duplicate, change due dates, add/switch tags/lists, etc.
  • App icon badge and notifications
  • Dark theme
  • Today-widget support
  • Time-zone support
  • Subtasks, automatic repeat after completion, and manual sort

Goodtask For Macbook Pro

  • Apps & Software iOS Mac OS X Reviews GoodTask – Elegant and Powerful Reminders In many aspects, GoodTask offers a better experience when working with Apple’s Reminders. It’s the ideal blend of simple and minimal while still offering great power for tweaking every minor detail of your task.
  • GoodTask provides you with a simple way to keep track of your daily events and reminders. The program features a nicely-designed and intuitive interface, communicates well with Mac's Reminders and Calendar tools, and requires minimum computer experience.