Guide Your Customers With Local, Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a new technique evolved in marketing whether it is an online business or offline store. Activities related to selling, purchasing, and advertising of any products and services using mobile devices are classified as mobile marketing. Of course you always want to be on top in your business and mobile will help you greatly. Astounding use of mobile in day to day life results in popularity of mobile marketing in business. Increment in number of mobile users over desktop users is one of the reasons to include mobile marketing in business strategies.

  1. Guide Your Customers With Local Mobile Marketing Services
  2. Guide Your Customers With Local Mobile Marketing Strategy
  3. Guide Your Customers With Local Mobile Marketing Service
  4. Guide Your Customers With Local Mobile Marketing Efforts

Then update yourself with these mobile marketing techniques for enhancing your eCommerce business. Also described here, Importance of mobile marketing in today’s business world. Let’s start through various key techniques of marketing strategies followed by their use and limitation of use.

Beacon Marketing doesn’t allow you to market to a broad audience. However, it can be useful if most of your customers are local and close to you. In addition to its limited reach, one of the other significant disadvantages is that your customer’s Bluetooth needs to be on all the time. Weather Targeting. For every online marketing campaign, there is a set of mobile marketing campaign elements that will need to be addressed. It’s always great to try out new campaigns, but having a framework in place will make sure you have a gameplan so you know how to improve your success for the future. Learn how to set up and execute your own mobile marketing campaign. We simplify local marketing with unparalleled data and insights, smart technology that learns what works for you, and story telling that helps your business connect with local consumers. Our digital marketing agency offers SEO and PPC services, social media marketing, web design help, and much more. There’s no doubt that marketing to mobile phone user is an important part of Digital Marketing. Usage of Mobile Phones is most prominent advantage for us, as this will now help our business to evolve and bring out the best desired results. Learn the most effective way of increasing traffic over your website with these 8 easy yet most important Mobile Marketing Strategies.

Mobile marketing strategies techniques:

There are various types and techniques of mobile marketing strategies. Google always keen for developing new ideas and technique for better user experience in world of web. In this context, it introduces Penguins, Hummingbird, Mobile First Index, etc. These changes need some changes in marketing strategies as well. So mobile marketing come in to existence to compete with evolvement in technology for betterment in living style. Similarly Facebook also introduces many terms and practices for better user experience and to help marketers. Let’s discuss about various key strategies in detail with impacts in respect to a marketer’s view:

  1. Advertisement for specific Mobile device through Google Adword.

Google Adword enables advertisers so that they can start campaign for targeting specific mobile devices. They can advertise for specific mobile platform and devices. Also, CPC is increasing for mobile users in comparison of desktop users. Combination of two facts i.e. increasing CPC and mobile uses leads to high ROI. This practice needs some research and special features for websites, they are:

  • Advertisers should research about user’s nature and their interest.
  • Research to know the source of user traffic. This will help in targeting a specific device, like: if most user traffic is coming from android user, then target should be android user.
  • Create mobile friendly website including use of light weight videos, audios, text, images, etc.
  • Make sure about navigation to correct mobile version of pages.

2. Must Launch Mobile apps or create responsive sites.

Indispensible uses of Smartphones in every aspect of life lead to increment in importance of mobile users in marketing. Mobile users are main concerns in every strategy because of these changes a marketer should also focus on mobile users. They should take care of these points:

  • Develop an attractive and user friendly mobile app.

Mobile app is also an effective way to approach user with a friendly environment. Increasing use of Smartphone increases app usage and its popularity among users. App provides a better platform for selling, purchasing, and other services. An App ensures about security by customizing them. App can be encrypted with password in order to maintain privacy and security.

  • Must create responsive sites to meet changes due to Mobile First Index.

Recent experiment of Google called Mobile First Index has a great impact on website ranking and mobile users. According to this Google shifted search ranking index strategies from desktop users to mobiles users. So now it is very important to create a responsive site or mobile friendly website of a desktop website, because it decides your ranking in search engine.

3. Mobile App advertisement through Google Mobile App Campaigns.

Although customers are enjoying Mobile app facility, challenges comes in to account of a marketer. They have to take care about app ranking in an app store. Their aim is to increase visibility in app store to increase downloading of app. Challenges are not limited to ranking of app only, a well interactive and attractive app is also a necessary step. App development technology is followed in order to create a more attractive and user friendly app. Google provides various types of campaigns to an advertiser for mobile app promotion in Google play store and Search engine, like:

  • Universal campaign

This campaign allows an advertiser to advertise mobile app in complete network of Google, like: Search engine, play store, YouTube app, mobile site, Google display, etc.

  • Mobile app installs campaign

This is based on app icon and reviews. Using this campaign advertiser create mobile app add for mobile device. These adds appear on all network (Search engines, YouTube, etc.). It directly navigates a user to app store for app installation and result in increased number of app installation.

  • Mobile app engagement campaign

Mobile app engagement campaign involves the activities to increase user interaction with mobile app. It encourages users who already installed an app to use it again and again. It encourages a user to involve in other captivities through app like selling, purchasing, making an account, sharing, etc. It includes almost all Google network with Display network, so ads appear on other app or game app as well.

Guide Your Customers With Local Mobile Marketing Services

Guide Your Customers With Local, Mobile Marketing

4. Advertisement through Facebook for mobile devices.

Facebook is consistently involved in adding latest features. In this context Facebook introduces mobile ads to aid attractiveness in advertisement. It can be placed any side on a Facebook page, like: right column of a news feed or page, main news feed page, mobile app, etc. It seems friendly to marketers as well. Since most of the people use mobile devices for accessing Facebook, so it drags more traffic on a website. It results in better ROI.

Guide Your Customers With Local, Mobile Marketing

Since it is for mobile user, then it should have following features:

  • Short but effective
  • Mobile friendly landing page and other page.
  • Attractive image.
  • Consist of slideshow of low bandwidth.
  • Video for low connection.

5. Advertisement in between a mobile app or game

Advertisement of products and services through mobile games or any app is really an innovative idea. Marketers use their brand name and products in a mobile game or an app by paying to owner. For example, in a racing car mobile game, game developer uses car’s brand name (like ford, BMW, etc) on behalf of some payment. Messages can also be added in between a mobile game to promotes or advertise brand name, products and services. This is called In- game mobile marketing, add funded mobile game, or mobile advergaming. This marketing strategy results in advertising brands name. Game lover or app user fascinated by brand’s name results in sharing to other peoples. Trendy mobile games or apps can be more effective on user.

6. Use SMS services for business management

Marketing through SMS services becomes increases. It is popular and effective way of advertising, selling, purchasing of products and services. Some reasons of its popularity:

  1. Almost every people uses mobile.
  2. Mobile can be used anywhere and anytime.
  3. SMS is a popular service to interact with various people.
  4. Regular use of mobile ensures that message can be read in least time or instantly.

SMS service owned by marketers is of two types

  • Short code

Short codes are 5-6 digit numbers assigned by mobile operators to a company for brand campaigning or service delivery. It is little costlier ad so small businesses generally used a shared short code services.

  • Long numbers

Long number is an inbound number serves as alternative of short codes. A company uses its own personal number to reach their customer. It is not shared among various companies, it is a personal number. It is a cost effective way to enhance business via mobile marketing strategies.

7. Share video, image, and slideshow of your websites to your customer.

As you already aware of MMS service which is an advanced version of SMS service. In mobile marketing it plays an important role. Text, video, audio, image, slideshow can be send to customers using MMS service. It can be really an effective way to advertise about company and services because images and videos are more effective than text only. It helps a marketer for better interaction to their customers.

8. Sharing push notification for advertising and marketing

Website annotation tool for mac. Have you ever seen a message flashed on your mobile display automatically? This is called push notification. It is an effective step in mobile marketing strategy. User doesn’t have to open any messages it is automatically pop up on screen without any request made by user side. It is generated by a software application to deliver information to user in almost no time. It is just like SMS but find by those user who installed app.

Guide Your Customers With Local Mobile Marketing Strategy

At first, Apple launched this system for contacting customers. And now it becomes a popular marketing strategy to advertise products and services.

  • Involves QR codes in marketing tact:

QR codes refer to quick response codes and also known as barcodes, mobile tagging, or action codes. It is being used by companies to track components. It is used to add a web based contents specially a URL in a real objects, location, or messages, like factory’s product. You can go to related web pages or websites by scanning these codes of an object or messages.

  • Share offers and other information via wireless services:

Bluetooth, a wireless technology is surprisingly helpful in mobile marketing. Marketers can advertise their business, products, and services through Bluetooth messages. It includes audio, video, image, vcard, ringtone, barcode, java application, text, mobile application, and other mobile supporting files.

Bluetooth mobile marketing is permission based technique. It means if a mobile received a Bluetooth message user can either accipiter decline, in case Bluetooth of the device is on. If Bluetooth of mobile devices are not enabling to receive messages then a request message to enable Bluetooth can be flashed on your mobile screen. Request message should contain ensurity about genuine Bluetooth messages.

Guide your customers with local mobile marketing efforts
  • Proximity service:

Proximity marketing service is like Bluetooth service. It is a location based wireless distribution of messages or advertisement of products and services to mobile devices. It is a GSM based proximity services distribute messages in a small geographical areas. SMS-CB (short message services- cell broadcast) message comes in this marketing strategy, which is used to broadcast messages to mobile user in a small region. For example, a shopkeeper sends a message to selected localized customers for discounts and offers.

  • Location-based services:

Some phone network service provider used to send messages for product and service advertisement to users based on location. They fetch location info of user’s through GPS feature of phone, radiolocation, or trilateration. This works on signal strength of closest network tower to mobile device.

  • Send voice sms or mail to a customer for better interaction

Advancement in technology let you reach people through voice service without making any ring. It means you can send voice message without making any disturbance to people. It is really a well performed mobile marketing strategy to reach customers without disturbing them. Easy to contact, easy to advertise, and easy to reach people with various ideas and services. An impressive and attractive message and voice surely attract people towards a business.

Benefits of customized searching Technique of Google:

You can easily find advertisement of products and services that you were surfed recently on any webpage. Whatever you searched via customized Google browser, you can find them on Webpages easily. Actually Google fetch your searching data through your IP address and marketers used these searches in order to attract you to their websites. This is really an effective way to increase user traffic on websites.

Guide Your Customers With Local Mobile Marketing Service

Marketers easily find out the interest of users and so help them by advertisement of related products and services on face book page, other social media websites and other Webpages.

Guide Your Customers With Local Mobile Marketing Efforts

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Smart business owners find customers by placing their marketing messages where the most eyeballs are focused. And nowhere are there more eyeballs than on the screens of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

More than two thirds of the world’s population has a mobile subscription, and mobile users are highly active. Facebook recently reported statistics indicating that over half of its 500 million subscribers access Facebook from a mobile device and exhibit twice the activity level of non-mobile users. The time for mobile marketing is now.

Finding customers with mobile marketing involves either pulling people toward your messages or pushing your messages out. Here are 10 mobile-marketing channels that'll help your efforts:

  1. Text-messaging (SMS)
    Pull customers to your SMS messages by asking people to opt-in to your text-messaging list. Use a text-messaging provider such as or to access a short phone number known as a common short code and an opt-in keyword. Then, use the text-messaging service to push periodic text messages out to the people who opt in.
  2. Multi-media messaging (MMS)
    MMS messages are like SMS messages, but they can contain pictures, sound and a lot more text. Pull customers in with the same opt-in process as SMS, and then push out multi-media content via your MMS service provider.
  3. Mobile email
    Pull customers to your email list with signup links on your website or ask people to text in their email addresses to join. When you push your emails out to mobile users, ask for mobile-friendly actions such as clicking phone numbers instead of links or using the mobile device to show an email coupon at the point of sale.
  4. Mobile search
    People searching online with mobile devices are often looking for a nearby product or service. Pull customers to your business by including mobile-friendly maps and directions on your site. Push your location out to new potential customers by asking your customers to check in on their favorite social media service when they visit your physical location so their friends see where they are.
  5. Mobile Internet
    Pull mobile visitors to your site by advertising your site's address or by including a mobile barcode -- also known as a Quick Response or QR code -- in your advertising that points to your site. Push messages through your site by formatting content and navigation to be mobile friendly.
  6. Mobile apps
    Pull customers to your mobile apps by listing your apps in the app stores and by offering app downloads from your own mobile site. Then, push your marketing messages through the downloaded apps.
  7. Mobile content
    Pull customers to content such as videos, images and downloads by providing links and mobile barcodes that activate the content. Push that content by posting to mobile-friendly sites such as YouTube or your own mobile site.
  8. Mobile advertising
    Pull customers to your advertising by placing ads on external mobile sites such as mobile versions of newspapers, blogs and other content sites. Push your advertising out by including ads in your e-mails, text messages, mobile content and branded apps.
  9. Voice
    Pull customers in by advertising your phone number. Push your messages out by answering the phone or by using Interactive Voice Response systems to answer calls and deliver voice messages automatically.
  10. Capabilities and enablers
    Mobile devices come with built-in capabilities and enablers such as cameras, WiFi, and GPS. Pull customers in by asking customers to use their capabilities. For example, taking a picture of a product and e-mailing it to you for a discount. Push your messages out in reply to people who use their capabilities by using one of the aforementioned nine channels.

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- John Arnold is president of Aveta Marketing, a marketing agency in Boulder, Colo.