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A Culture of Success

A successful school culture is purpose driven and child-centered, embracing a “we can” attitude in our ability to make a positive difference. A culture of success values growth, feedback, diversity, teamwork, and engagement, requiring steadfast commitment and consistency in the way these values exist and are communicated. A culture of success is an upward dynamic built each day, shepherded by many, working together in a common direction that yields only the greatest results.

Personalized Learning

Guiding Principles 1. NCSRP Executive Board will review overall program impact and success and establish specific research priorities of regional importance on a five-year cycle (e.g. Key diseases, insects, production practices, etc.). Practices can change, business models are disrupted, technology evolves, but principles do not change. They are the soul of strategy design and delivery. These principles are for us both a moral rule and a basic truth. They were developed by a group of experts, practitioners, and researchers, supported by the Brightline team.


The future of education is personal, which requires learning environments that are optimized to meet the needs and aspirations of each learner. Personalized learning environments are welcoming, meaningful and relevant to each learner, driven by their interests and often self-initiated, with the intent to increase engagement, achievement, and develop competent lifelong learners and global citizens. Personalization is a cornerstone to whole child success and active learning.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is a recognition that the pursuit of excellence is ongoing. We believe that no organization is perfect and realize that there is always room to improve. What is excellent today may be the definition of mediocrity tomorrow. It is an acknowledgement that what we do is never finished, but present continuous opportunities for improvement. We always move forward, progress, and aspire to get better.

Data-Based Decision Making

The use of information to measure and analyze performance is an indispensable part of the decision-making process and used to support continuous improvement within all aspects of our district. If what we do is not measured, we cannot accurately hold ourselves accountable to excellence.>

Community Engagement

We believe that community trust is a foundation that makes our school organization excel. Building dynamic, life-changing relationships with families and the community does not happen by chance. Our actions are manifestations of this principle which are centered on perpetually looking outward, adding value, and being collaborative and transparent in all phases of connecting with our community. Through creating networks and sustaining reciprocal partnerships, we seek to cultivate inclusive, caring, and culturally responsive communities.

Fiscal Responsibility

The fiscal choices we make today will determine what kind of future education our children will inherit. Being a responsible fiscal steward of community resources requires a devoted commitment to maintaining the community’s confidence that tax dollars are well spent. This is accomplished by establishing sound fiscal policy and practices that safeguard school district assets, while being clear with constituents about how budgets are determined, allocated, and balanced. Fiscal responsibility is essential to creating a stronger and more prosperous school system both now and for future generations.

5 Guiding Principles of an Exceptional Website

March 10, 2020

With all the do-it-yourself templates, “I know a guy” connections and easily accessible services out there like Upwork or Fiverr, your company’s first website was likely a high priority upon launch. Even if the budget was largely held up by a shoestring and the final product was a less than exceptional website.

Now the business has scaled up, the customer base has grown, and your organization is ready to take it to the next level. But, with increasing online sales, inquiries and integrations that command attention, perhaps you’re finding that a high-quality, custom website (or a great refresh) needs to top that priority list again to get you there. Horizon mod tool for mac.

What are the essential elements to be mindful of in your web project? We’ve outlined five non-negotiables to keep as guiding principles for anyone with “Great Website” on the list of 2020 to-do’s.

1. First Impressions & Stunning Designs

There’s good reason Myspace floundered into the social networking ether while Facebook thrived. Many of us remember feeling bombarded by music, pixelated versions of animals and other random things drifting down the page, complete with flashing neon backgrounds customized to each user’s individual profile. Myspace visitors knew neither what to expect, nor where to look.

Facebook breathed fresh, clean life into socialnetworking with static profile design and a limited colorpalette. In essence, the first impression wasn’t overwhelming and madepeople want to stay to peruse and enjoy all that Facebook had to offer.

Whether you’re contemplating a refresh orstarting from scratch, team up with a designer. Someone who is trained and hasexperience translating great ideasinto beautiful designwill make the project exponentially more effective. A stellar designer will setyou on your way to achieving Facebook status rather than becoming a Myspacefizzle.

2. Substance & Credibility

Photos and design will grab eyes and interest,but the right words will turn a skeptic into a loyal brand fan. Note, this doesnot mean you need a lot of words. Often the most effective and successfulcopywriters urge fewer, more thoughtful words, as specificity of languagetriggers an inherent awareness that those few words are precious.

This isn’t some modern marketing voodoo; the“if I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter” quote is famouslyattributed to Blaise Pascal, Mark Twain, Benjamin Franklin, Henry DavidThoreau, and John Locke (to name a few) and the sentiment still rings true.

Wherever it started and whoever adapted italong the way, the point is this: more words doesn’t equal more quality. Clear,concise, actionable content creates the greatest credibility of all.

3. Trust & Brand Consistency

Your website is not only ground zero for yourbusiness it’s also the foundation of your external brand identity. Brand identity is essentially trust.It’s all about walking the walk here; ensuring your brand shows up as the samebrand over and over, the brand that’s on your website is the brand on your social media and answering customerservice calls and messages, and so on.

Brand consistency throughout each of these contactpoints creates trust (and loyalty) and they are all unified through, youguessed it, your website.

4. Mobile-Friendly & UX-Driven

Smartphones are tiny computers that we carry in our pockets and handbags at all times. Many businesses are seeing a stark increase in the number of customers who interact almost exclusively with their website on a mobile device. Thus, championing a great cross-platform user experience is a must.

Guiding Principles Of Successful Websites Example

Translation: make double sure that when someoneis looking at the mobile version of your website, it looks as great as thedesktop version.

5. Online Reviews & SEO

Window shopping isn’t like it used to be; strolling up one street then down another, gazing in windows, maybe wandering through some racks and taking another lap around the mall while you mull over your potential purchase.

Today, our thumbs get all the exercise. For many online shoppers, even passively considering the purchase of something as trivial as a $2 kitchen gadget means first reading what a handful of internet strangers have to say about it.

Ranking well in SEO is a highly nuanced and often guarded topic. However, with a Google My Business account and a few rave reviews, you’ll be well on your way to organic traffic dreams and sitting pretty on the first page.

Guiding Principles Of Successful Websites K-12

Does your website need a tune-up? Let us takeit for a spin, and we’ll restore it together.