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What should I not include in my portfolio?

  1. HONORS PORTFOLIO. About Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Study Abroad Honors Project Andrea Campbell. Drury University. Honors Mission Statement I shall live this life as fully.
  2. This has allowed me to be a part of Student Leadership Development Institute at UC Blue Ash College, work on a team of Student Orientation Leaders, join the National Society of Leadership and Success, acceptance into the University Honors Program, travel on a study abroad trip to South Africa, become a Cincinnati Youth Collaborative (CYC.

You may include materials above and beyond the requirements (and are encouraged to do so!), and you might choose to include aspects of personal or experiential learning and expression (such as sports, photography, involvement with campus or community groups, music, etc), even if they are not formally part of your Interdisciplinary Honors Core requirements. However, you should focus on the learning aspect of the portfolio and refrain from including materials of an overly-personal nature (such as those more appropriate for a Facebook page). Remember that the audience for your portfolio will likely differ from those for more personal web spaces.

What does it mean to 'archive' potential portfolio materials and where can I do that?

Archiving is a means of documenting and saving artifacts that represent important moments or experiences in your learning on and off campus. For your portfolio, this means setting aside, in an organized fashion, artifacts of importance that you may want to eventually include in your portfolio. UW Google Drive is one mechanism for doing this: it is aone private, secure and organized way of preserving the materials (written, visual, audio) that you may choose to incorporate into your final portfolio. You may also use Dropbox or similar software, a separate folder on your desktop, a thumb drive, or good old fashioned email. As you archive items, you are strongly encouraged to make notes or write up quick reflections for yourself to aid in your future elaboration and annotation of those artifacts that make it into your final portfolio.

Do I have to use Google Drive as my archive? Can't I just save things on my computer?


You are welcome to archive your materials in whatever format and by whatever method makes sense to you. We suggest UW Google Drive for a few reasons: your Google Drive files are accessible from any computer, anywhere in the world; and online file storage isn't susceptible to hard drive crashes or coffee spills. However, if you want to use a thumb drive, your hard drive, another form of online storage, or any other file storage mechanism, go for it! Just be sure it's a method that allows you to not only archive your files, but organize and annotate them as well.

Can I include more than one assignment or project from the same Honors course in my portfolio?

While you are welcome to include multiple artifacts from one course, keep in mind that your portfolio should demonstrate a range of courses and experiences, rather than just one aspect of your time at UW. Be sure to include a variety of entries, on a variety of subjects, to maximize the scope of your reflection and presentation.

When is my portfolio due?

Students will finalize their Honors Portfolios in HONORS 496, after completing a majority of the Honors Core requirements (6 of 9 Core courses and 1 of 2 Experiential Learning projects). While this will allow for a final evaluation of the completion of all portfolio requirements, your portfolio will also be shared with peers and mentors throughout your time at UW (i.e. in HONORS 100, Honors advising appointments, portfolio workshops, etc). HONORS 496 is designed to help you polish your portfolio and finalize your culminating portfolio statement; it is not designed to help you archive or annotate materials from previous years. You need to be working on your portfolio each quarter, so that you are prepared for that finalizing process in HONORS 496.

Can I earn an Honors degree without doing the portfolio?

Hilton honors portfolio

The only Honors degree that does not require a portfolio is Departmental Honors (although several departments are now requiring a portfolio for graduation). If you intend to complete an Interdisciplinary Honors degree or a College Honors degree (Interdisciplinary & Departmental), then you must create and complete a portfolio. For more information on the different types of Honors degrees, please visit our Curriculum Requirements page.

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Can I share my portfolio with whomever I want?

Yes! Of course! You are required, at a minimum, to share your portfolio with all persons with a UW NetID in order to participate in peer work and Honors check-ins; note that the UW specific option is only available if you choose to create your portfolio using UW Google Sites. Most other platforms will only offer you two privacy settings: public or private, in which case you would need to default to public.

The Business Certificate with Honors comprises 32 credit hours of business education, and is attained by the student who wishes to complete a program of more comprehensive study with advanced training in communications, leadership, and business. The Business Certificate with Honors allows for creativity and adaptability to individual interests, and serves as a tangible display of the student’s desire to learn many skills beyond that which is taught in the conventional veterinary curriculum.

In addition to the 32 credit hours of business education, Business Certificate with Honors graduates complete a comprehensive Honors Portfolio that includes over 15 separate skills with great applicability to future careers and practice management. These Honors Portfolios are submitted to practicing veterinarians and industry professionals within the same area of interest as the applicant, who then evaluate the portfolios and provide constructive feedback. Students gain invaluable insight into how they can best fulfill their potential as a well-rounded veterinary professional upon graduation. We are proud to offer this ability to network with top industry professionals to all of our Business Certificate with Honors graduates.

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Hilton Honors Portfolio

For VBMA members that would like to complete the Honors Portfolio, please visit MyVBMA.biz or click here for the Honors Portfolio Application.