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  • Two ways to print this free 6th grade math educational worksheet: 1 – Best Quality Download the 6th grade math review worksheet PDF file. 2 – Easy Print directly in your browser using the free 6th grade math review worksheet printable.
  • 6th Grade Practice Test Objective 1.1 1. Dale used these steps to form a number pattern. The first term is 3. The second term is 5. Each term after the second is the sum of the two terms just before it. The first five terms in Dale’s pattern are the following. 3, 5, 8, 13, 21,. What are the next 3 terms? A 27, 34, 42 B 29, 37, 45.
  • Humorous Scripts, Grades 6—8+ - Readers Theater All Year™ helps build lifelong skills in students to help you champion your learners into leaders. Our curriculum services help teachers and parents simplify their lives, make fun memories, and equip students to confidently read and speak in front of a group through an inexpensive, easy, flexible system for building leaders and creators.
  • 8/19 - To kick off the year, I am reading aloud 'History's a Mystery' by Australian author Dell Brand. The book welcomes students to Mr. McIlquham's 6th grade class in Johnson City, TN - this story is all about Mr. McIlquham's 5th grade class in Coolongawong, Queensland, Australia!

We have gathered all of our Common Core (6th Grade I Cans) resources for 6th grade. We hope this makes it easier to access all of our 6th grade resources.

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Within this post you will find The Curriculum Corner’s free collection of “I Can” resources for 6th grade.


We have gathered all of our Common Core resources for 6th grade.

Our goal is that this makes it easier to access all of our 6th grade resources.

You will find a similar set on our site for each grade level.

These statements were written by Jill & Cathy at The Curriculum Corner.

You will find that common language is used between grade levels. Therefore making it easier for a school to use the complete set.

Also, we have provided a variety of resources to meet your needs.

These resources include checklists which are great for teachers to use to check off as standards are taught, retaught, assessed, etc.

How should I use these 6th Grade “I Can” statements?

Because this collection provides a wide range of resources, you will be able to find ideas that will fit your classroom.

We have gathered all of our Common Core resources for 6th grade. We hope this makes it easier to access all of our 6th grade resources.

Common Core Checklists

These checklists contain two versions. One is designed with our “I Can” statements for 4th grade. The second set is provided with the CCSS statements.

Each is available as an Excel spreadsheet & as a PDF.

“I Can Checkboxes”

These are ideal for including in student binders.

You can check off progress with students and easily communicate with parents. We have also provided these in Spanish. How to write killer copy for your website.

Humormr. Mac's 6th Grade Ngss

Individual “I Can” Statements


These were designed for teachers to post daily classroom objectives. There are three statements per page. Print and laminate so that you have each of the standards readily available.

“I Can” Standards Posters

This set is made with a larger font than the check boxes. It includes all of the same standards but they are spread out over a larger number of pages. Standards flow one to the next. If you are concerned about printer ink, this is not the set for you.

Individual “I Can” Statement Posters

We also had some requests for 8 1/2 x 11 sized posters of our “I Can” statements. We decided to keep these simple and created them in black and white so that you can copy them onto whatever color of paper you wish, back them with construction paper or use your school’s poster maker to enlarge them.

ELA Posters (Includes all Reading, Writing, Language, and Speaking & Listening – 102 pages total)

Math Posters (Includes Operations & Algebraic Thinking, Number & Operations in Base Ten, Number & Operations – Fractions, Measurement & Data and Geometry – 85 pages total)

Reproduction of these posters or statements with the intent to sell is prohibited. These were created to help busy teachers and are meant to be free. Thank you for understanding! If you are interested in purchasing a commercial use license, please message us for details.

As with all of our resources, The Curriculum Corner creates these for free classroom use. Our products may not be sold. You may print and copy for your personal classroom use. These are also great for home school families!

Humormr. Mac's 6th Grade Language Arts

You may not modify and resell in any form. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Motivate your students with humorous Readers Theater scripts. Your students will have fun while building important life skills (e.g., confidence speaking in front of a group, teamwork, focus, and fluency). Choose scripts related to a specific subject (e.g., health, history) or fun stories to read aloud from our growing buffet of scripts. Many of our scripts have humorous elements, but may not be listed below.

***Consider having students create their own short, two-part humorous Readers Theater scripts with knock knock jokes! ;)

Click on a Readers Theater script title below to read an excerpt from the script and access the printable PDF(complete with annotated curriculum links for easy lesson plans).

IMPORTANT: Most of our scripts are available to our paying Script Buffet Club members only. Each one pays a little and reaps a lot. :)

R = Readability grade level (based on Flesch-Kincaide Readability Formula)

Below are script titles in order of publication, most recent first. It may be a long list.

Humormr. Mac's 6th Grade Reference Sheet

= exclusive for Script Buffet Club paying members

Humormr. Mac's 6th Grade School Supply

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