It Will Make You Cringe...

  1. This Will Make You Cringe
  2. Facts That Will Make You Cringe

Your wedding day is said to be the best, most magical day of your life. Costing somewhere between $19,984 to $33,306, you would hope that it’s perfect!

The cake, the venue, the flowers, and of course the dress – it’s all been planned for months in advance.

But unfortunately, these 19 couples didn’t really have the dream wedding we all have in mind.

Ugly celebrity divorces that will make you cringe. Divorce is hard enough without the added complications of working together, cheating scandals, pregnancy rumors, substance abuse, and all those. You all can’t just pose together, but there usually has to be some kind of theme that you all thought was such a great idea at the time, but then a few years later it makes our list for 20 family photo fails! Some of them will make you question the sanity of the parents, but still worth a look!

1. That’s one way to get cheap catering service.

Because we all know the golden ‘M’ secretly stands for marriage.

2. Tradition is overrated.

I guess you can’t really beat Elvis marrying you and your partner.

3. New profile picture?

Have fun explaining this one to the kids.

4. Talk about making an entrance.

Do you think there’s a “Just Married” sign on the back?

5. All eyes on the bride

Would you wear this in front of all of your family and friends?

6. White for purity and innocence?

The photographer really captured the moment here…

7. Happily married??

At least pretend to be happy about it!


8. I now pronounce you camo and wife.

Where did he go?!

9. Star crossed lovers

I love a good theme.

10. Married life isn’t all boring…

The party life isn’t over, girl. Drink up!

11. The class. The sophistication.

My favourite part about this picture is the woman in the background – she really dressed to impress.

12. Getting married in style.


Lawfully wedded pimp and bride.


13. You may now eat the bride.

I didn’t even realise it was a cake at first.

14. You’ve got to get the most flattering wedding pics.

Careful of the dress – you won’t be able to get that stain out.

15. Apple bearer?


I can’t even begin to try and understand this one…

16. #Wifey

To be honest, this is kind of cute.

17. Beach weddings are so romantic…

But this isn’t exactly what we had in mind.

18. Goth wedding

The groom looks quite good in the white, though.

This Will Make You Cringe

19. The opposite of a goth wedding

Facts That Will Make You Cringe

Loving the flip flops!