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I just thought I would pass on this new blog that I came across. It is from Ron Miller, a Maryland personal injury attorney. His website is great with a ton of information and his blog looks good as well. Lawyer Blogs, providing law related information for legal help and support.

Colleague and fellow blogger Patrick DiDomenico has started a blog called iPad4Legal that is further whetting my appetite for an iPad. He describes his new blog in these terms:


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iPad4Legal is a blog about iPads as they pertain to lawyers, law firms, and the legal profession. We may occasionally stray and discuss iPhones or other Apple products since the technologies often overlap.

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Another colleague described iPad as good for content consumers (which I am) but perhaps less so for content creators (which would be perhaps disappointing but something I suspect Apple would improve upon). The obvious interest will be in accessing online research databases and using e-books.