Linkedin Marketing Opportunities You Don't Want To Miss

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  1. Linkedin Marketing Opportunities You Don't Want To Miss Someone
  2. Linkedin Marketing Opportunities You Don't Want To Miss Fortune

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2021 – A Digital Marketer’s Playground

Not long ago, your everyday salesmen seemed to push products better than any digital marketer could. But that landscape has encountered a drastic change with the spike in social media and the marketing ideas associated with it. These are the ads that you see popping up in popular platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, among others.

The 2020 global pandemic further saw that business people sticking to traditional strategies were suddenly left in the dark – outdated and to a degree redundant. However, this unexpected change gave a big boost to the virtual space. From workplace activities to everyday social activities, the digital frameworks that had been rubbing shoulders with those traditional marketing methods crossed the boundaries becoming more avid, more viable, and stronger than ever.

Now, 2021 is the year where you can reinforce your newer digital strategies with little to no backlash from the traditional thinkers. As the digital marketing landscape is here to stay, many have already begun making the most of it for better or worse.

Thus, from analyzing these drifts, we have listed some of the most popular digital marketing trends expected to take center stage in this era of digital marketing in 2021.

2021 Digital Marketing Trends

As several companies develop their own apps for a hundred percent virtualization, it is safe to say that many are rethinking their idea of a closed workspace model. Enforced due to COVID19, but won over because of convenience, most of these businesses have proven that they are able to function virtually just as efficiently, if not better as during physical interactions.

Linkedin marketing opportunities you don

As stated already, social media has become a phenomenal contributor to most of these digital efforts.

And with virtual workplaces becoming ubiquitous, the following digital marketing trends of 2021 have shown to emerge the fastest or are the most adaptive of the lot.

AI in Marketing

Artificial intelligence is becoming something that’s hard to ignore when talking about the advantages of digital marketing. “AI” has become a household term in most digital marketing verticals nowadays, with as much as 71% of B2B marketers resorting to using AIs for ad personalization.

According to studies conducted by Techgrabyte, AI has the potential to increase the worldwide GDP by 14% within the year 2030. As much as 60% of global digital marketers will be turning to AI-assisted marketing strategies going forward.

Conversational Marketing

Studies show that 82% of consumers expect an instant response to their inquiries and complaints. Let’s face it, 24/7 service is not easy, and that’s exactly where the chatbots come in. With some newer programs capable of making the consumers feel “heard”, you can now make effective communication with your potential buyers passively, with positive results.

This conversational marketing’s essential objective is to upgrade the client experience through a feedback-driven model that encourages higher commitment and a prominent dedication.

With the new age buyers being bombarded with innumerable opportunities to be discovered or distracted by competing businesses, you cannot miss any opportunity in grabbing their attention. So, as businesses gear up for the future, it is inevitable that being accessible across an expansive range of channels becomes their priority. And conversational marketing helps facilitate this one-to-one connection between you and your customer.

Market Personalization

As much as 90% of consumers find personalized advertising effective, 80% of consumers say that they would buy products from organizations, giving them a personalized experience.

Amazon is a well-known mastermind in such personalized marketing for people, as they offer products to you which you have searched for recently on any other online page. And Netflix is another such example, their “recommended series” that you are dying to watch is no coincidence.

So, grabbing attention is the rule of the game. This is exactly why your marketing strategies’ personalization is one of the most viable and valid options for staying relevant in 2021.

Video Marketing

Any blog about 2021’s digital marketing trends, just isn’t complete without mentioning video marketing at least once. Visuals have always been and will continue to be the most effective medium to market products.

More than 50% of consumers say that watching videos about the product makes them want to buy it. And also, up to 72% of the organizations get benefitted from making videos for marketing their products.

This makes video marketing an everlasting trend, and with the online environment generating more and more users by the hour, its trend can only shoot up.

Word of Mouth

Influencers. The spokespersons of the web. Not a day goes by where people don’t happen upon these pseudo-celebrities. And of course, you are more inclined to buy something after getting a recommendation from someone you hold in high regard.

Nearly 60% of consumers claim to have bought products by means of this word-of-mouth marketing from their favorite influencers. In addition to that, 35% of homemakers have claimed to have been swayed by them and bought their product recommendations.

Thus, it is believed that these influencer marketing will drive the lion’s share of the online marketing landscape in 2021.

Social Media Marketing

Zuckerberg-ian marketing techniques have been encountering a constant rise in the past decade. This decade will not be any different as Social Media Marketing, or SMM have proven to be one of the biggest benefits of these digital marketing techniques that promise definitive returns.

Linkedin Marketing Opportunities You Don't Want To Miss Someone

Content marketing

Up there with both video marketing and word of mouth marketing, content marketing has time and again proven to be effective.

Studies conducted in hopes to reinforce this view concluded that more than 80% of organizations feel that the more content they create, the more their consumers feel that they are credible.

Compared to its predecessor (outbound marketing), content marketing seems to cost 62% lesser, while giving 3X more profit to the marketer. Also, small businesses that create blogs have 126% more engagement metrics than those that don’t. Given that these studies are fairly fresh, one would do well not to ignore content marketing when analyzing the digital marketing trends of 2021.


With all these stats on the table, it is safe to say that 2021 will be the year where you can make the most of the benefits of digital marketing. Yet again, the landscape of digital marketing is ever-changing, and it literally pays to keep up with the change.

Linkedin Marketing Opportunities You Don't Want To Miss Fortune

All said and done, the market is a living, breathing entity that is unpredictable; yet with the world bouncing back to a new normal, these digital marketing trends for 2021 offer a clear way forward to your next marketing endeavor. let us help you take over your digital marketing, this 2021.