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  • Madden NFL 08 Images in black/grey tones that ad a clean and serious look to your Xbox 360 dashboard with Reggie Bush, Devin Hester, and Vince Young.
  • Madden NFL 08 is absolutely no different than its predecessors, and even throws some new options into the mix. Below is a comprehensive list of game modes and other options available in the game.
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Re: Madden 08 PC - trey31 Mods
HD Players Mod (DAT)
HD Players Mod
(place in Documents/Madden NFL 08 folder)
**No permissions for re-distribution, nor modification of any kind, are granted.
New Cleats:
Nike default cleat. Under Armour taped cleats. This includes a cleat model swap (mesh swap) that was used in order to remove the tape from the taped cleats. No tutorial at this time, but changing colors for different teams/cleats isn't too difficult.
The first four images are with the accompanying bump map. The fifth image is without. They are intended to be used with the bump map, but look acceptable without it.
Helmet Updates:
Style 1: Schutt Air XP Pro VTD II
Style 2: Riddell Speedflex
Style 3: VICIS Zero1 01
Style 4: Schutt Vengeance Z10
Style 5: Riddell Speed
The helmet models have been swapped (more accurately, the helmet meshes have been swapped). Default model #2 is now #4, Default model #5 is now #2 and #3. This was to get the Speedflex and Vicis helmets to use the Revo model, and the Vengeance model to use the Adams model. The Vicis helmet texture has been updated since the first helmet release. Models have been updated since the first helmet release.
^ Schutt Air XP Pro VTD II
^ Riddell Speedflex
^ VICIS Zero1 01
^ Schutt Vengeance Z10
^ Riddell Speed
Equipment Updates:
All new gloves that fix the moire effect issue. New sleeves and half-sleeves. The traditional sleeves are now patterned gradient sleeves, the single-arm sleeves are solid colored. The other equipment pieces were made to be compatible with Q's Equipment in order to work with rogerjinx's rosters.
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Madden Nfl 08 Ds

Aug 14, 2007 This year, Madden NFL 08 features a much larger emphasis on casual football fans than the hardcore player. While it doesn't completely abandon its roots entirely, it doesn't significantly build on them either, which makes this year's title somewhat disappointing for gamers on older generation systems. This is the second release of the FF/FI XIV Mod for Madden NFL 08. It updates the game to the 2013 season, with graphical updates, roster updates, schedule updates, and more. Total Conversions; By DCowboy948209.