Madlibsfill In The Missing Words

What came first, the chicken or the NOUN?

Basketball is the best Body Part in the world

If you cant tell the difference then im not doing my job. Funny fill in the blank stories for adults.Over the years we at cracked have gathered a formidable collection of these stories and weve put the very best of them here so that a whole new generation of readers can feel inadequate about their life choices. Mad Libs are books of stories with missing words. The reader asks a player for a part of speech (noun, adverb, etc.) to fill in each blank. The resulting story ranges from unusual to hysterical. Use them at parties, doctors' offices, during travel, or just enjoy them at home. Spy Mad Libs Price, Stern, Sloan 973.

I like my donuts with extra VERB on them.

Flip-flops are a staple of any ADJECTIVE summer wardrobe.

Be careful not to vacuum the NOUN when you clean under your bed.


Love is what makes the NOUN go round.

BBQ at my house! Everyone's invited, and it's Bring Your Own NOUN!

It doesn't matter if you're Irish..on St. Patrick's Day everybody wears shamrocks on their PART OF THE BODY (PLURAL).

April showers brings May PLURAL NOUN .

My daily exercise is VERB ENDING IN 'ING' after my school bus in the morning!

I like my hot dogs with mustard, relish, and PLURAL NOUN.

My gym locker stinks because I'm always leaving my dirty ARTICLE OF CLOTHING (PLURAL) in there!!

One jelly donut with whipped cream and extra PLURAL NOUN, please!

If you're going to challenge a couple to a chicken fight during spring break, make sure they're more ADJECTIVE than you!

Once that ADJECTIVE music comes on, it's time to shut down your acceptance speech!

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Madlibsfill In The Missing Words

Fill out these questions to generate your own silly mad libs story instantly online! This mad lib only has nouns, verbs, and adjectives so it can be used with Kindergarten common core classes. (Hint: a Verb is an action. A noun is a person/place/thing. An adjective describes a person/place/thing.)

Occupation (a job):

This is a silly online story that will be completed with your words. Please answer the questions below and click the generate button to read the story with your words included!

Today a

Madlibsfill In The Missing Words Worksheets

Madlibsfill In The Missing Words**occupation** named **noun** came to our school to talk to us about her job. She said the most important skill you need to know to do her job is to be able to Madlibsfill In The Missing Words**verb** around (a) **adjective****noun**. She said it was easy for her to learn her job because she loved to **verb** when she was my age--and that helps a lot! If you're considering her profession, I hope you can be near (a) **adjective****noun**

Madlibsfill In The Missing Words Unscramble

. That's very important! If you get too distracted in that situation you won't be able to **verb** next to (a) **noun**!Madlibsfill In The Missing Words

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