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How much damage does heal do? - posted in General: I was curious to know how much damage heal does when its maxed, and the cleric is at lvl 40. So just maxed, pretty much. I am just having trouble deciding what to make my new mage. And want to now the damage clerics do with heal, when the cleric is at lvl 40, and heal is maxed. So any help would be appreciated. Also, first post w00t ^o^. Create a new person. And get perfect stats. 4/4 on str and dex. 5/4 and ur screwed. That's the thing with the gay game maplestory. It is boring and time consuming. U mess one thing up and ur whole game is fuucked up. Don't waste ur money in the freemarket. If u make a new person with perfect stats, u can surpass ur current character at just lvl 20. This Maplestory 2 Runeblade Build Guide is gonna give you all the knowledge you need to be one of the strongest MS2 Runebladers on the server because it was written very thoroughly by a Runeblade main “ SenseiSwift ” who is also a Twitch streamer so make sure you check him out on his Twitch Channel if you have any more questions or enjoy watching Maplestory 2 content. Boss damage and total damage is in the same bracket, so they are additive instead of multiplicative. At unique, total damage potential line is only 9%, boss damage potential line is either 20/30%, so you get more for your money by going for boss damage. Crit DMG - Increases DMG by a certain percentage when it is a critical hit. International seo minnesota. Crit ATK - Critical Attack - Increases the amount of ATK when it is a critical hit.

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When playing for the first time, you might be a little overwhelmed by everything that is going on in the background so you need a complete MapleStory M Guide to start. The best thing to do is just to go around clicking everything to familiarise yourself with it all as there are a few hidden benefits such as the quest theme rewards (challenges – scroll – theme rewards).

MapleStory M Guide (The Beginning)

Unlike the PC version, you should follow the questline as this is the fastest and most profitable way to level up. You’ll notice they award you with quite a number of teleport rocks for finishing each quest, but note that they eventually do run out if you use them for every little thing so it might be wiser to use them only for the medium to long-distance travels.

As soon as you hit 35, Download Epic equipment starting with your weapon first. Don’t spend too much time mulling over what to get as you can easily sell it again later down the road, just purchase relatively cheap gear for now ( should cost you roughly 600k). Make sure your armor is all part of the same set (Helm, Outfit, Gloves, and Shoes) as you get set bonuses.

Don’t worry about the other missing equipment, you can get a few of them later in Nett’s pyramid. The Pensalir set is a good set to start off with as it gives you a bit of additional EXP bonus.

You might think that EXP is not a priority as it seems like gaining levels is so easy, however, later on, you’ll notice that it gets increasingly longer to grind after around level 105. With your Epic gear, you’ll find you’ll be able to 1-hit everything allowing you to cruise through until you hit level 85 plus.

MapleStory M Beginner’s Guide & Tips

  • The MapleStory mobile Guide starts with all the tutorials as they give you 50k mesos each.
  • Powder and Gold leaves are not easily obtainable at higher levels. You can get most of your powder from completing quests and gold leaves from your achievements. After that, you’ll have to grind on Netts Pyramid and the Expeditions daily to get more.
  • Ensure your pet pot settings are set correctly, I recommend setting the auto pot to around 50% depending on your situation.
  • You are given 14-day pets that are capable of buffing for you. Make sure you take advantage of this.
  • Don’t worry too much about how to best allocate your skill points for the first 3 jobs as you are likely to get to the fourth job in a few days. Just test out each skill as you get 1 point already allocated to each. Also, you should note that all skills will eventually get maxed out for each job level.
  • Look for a high-level guild if possible as you get more advantages from them. If you decide to try and jump guilds, there is a day-long cooldown.
  • Don’t fret if you die as you don’t lose EXP or anything if you do, you only need to wait for the 10 second respawn time.
  • If your phone doesn’t have enough memory the app will crash a lot, especially at Zakum raids and Netts. Turn down the display settings and display only your damage and pets.

When is the next Maple Story M Update Coming?

The recent update came about an year ago, this phone game or the pocket version of MapleStory has been a great success. Just like the android version, people are searching for the iOS version of the game too. So you can expect another update to come later this year.

How to Make Mesos?

One of your highest priorities, if not the highest priority for this game is to get as rich as possible. Only with money will you be able to get the best gear and get further in the game than your loser friends peers.

When I first started, I noticed you get Mesos pretty easily. You get about 10 to 20 mill just by questing all the way up to 85, but that’s not enough to get you what you need. So… there are a few methods which you can do to increase your wealth.

Way #1. Selling equipment obtained from Elite Dungeons

At level 95 and above you’ll be able to do the Elite Dungeons that get you Epic equipment for every run.

Get 3 or more of these a day and sell them at the Trade Station. I wouldn’t recommend using them in place of powders as one epic equip is worth only 2 epic powders. If you run out of sale slots, use your other characters or make other characters to help you sell your gear. Note, if you are looking for others to do the dungeon with you, most people will be doing the 105+ dungeon on hard on channel one.

Way #2. Trade Station

Stalk the markets and look for under-priced equipment then resell them for more. It is slow going for me so far and I have yet to have much success, probably because I can’t help but overprice things xD.

This isn’t my favorite method, but I recommend doing this at some stage as it helps you to get familiar with all the equipment so you’ll be able to spot what’s good and what’s not. If you need more slots to sell equipment with, you’ll have to make more characters and get them to 35 and make use of good old’ Mr. Kim the storage keeper.

Way #3. Making several characters and going Mini dungeon

With the introduction of Auto-battle, there are a number of ways you can utilize it to your advantage. A key thing about Auto-battle which the game doesn’t really tell you is that not only does it work while you are away from your keyboard, but… it works offline as well! Meaning you’ll be able to log in on your game, start Auto-battle, then turn off your game and your character will train while you are offline.

This opens up a few avenues, especially for those that can’t spend too much time playing the game.

For the strategy that I have devised, you simply have to make new characters, level them up to the magic number of 25 and start Auto-battling in the Mini Dungeons. (Alternatively, you can get them to 20 and start Auto-battling in a random area to get to 25). Leveling to 25 with quests will only take you maybe half an hour.

It is more efficient if you transfer yourself an epic weapon via the storage keeper right from the beginning so that you can 1-hit everything.

Once you are level 25, ensure you have enough potions, set your character in the highest possible Mini-Dungeon, click “Auto” and then you are free to go offline. Do this for each character slot and eventually, they will start earning more and more Mesos as they go up in levels.

The most efficient way of doing this is making sure you get the extra ticket for the Mini-Dungeon from your guild for each character so that you can do them in 2-hour shifts. (Your guild needs 10 attendances for you to get the ticket). Alternatively, if you are impatient you can quest to a higher level so that they will earn you more straight away.

For a level 50 character, they will get you roughly 200k per 2 hrs. At 60 they will get you 250k, at 70, 350k and at 80 you’ll be getting over 400k for every 2-hour run. My Bowmaster at level 110 currently gets me more than 800k. If your guild has leveled up their drop rate level then that will get you a whole lot more.

While Auto-battling set your character to use only one AOE skill. A skill that has less than 60MP peruse and can 1 hit kill everything. This allows the character to generate and pick up potions more than the character consumes, making the character self-sustainable.

MapleStory M Guide to Auto Battling

Note that while Auto-battling online, if you run out of the currently selected potions, your pet automatically switches to any other type of pot you are holding but it will not do this when you are offline. Also, be aware your character will consume more potions when offline than while you are online.

For my account, I’ve made a character for each of the 5 explorers and I’ve found that while on their 3rd job, Dark Knights are the most efficient for this method. With their Charge move, they continuously move forward as well as push group the mobs together, in this way it doesn’t matter if the monsters don’t die in 1 hit.

Bishops are the second most productive as they also deal high damage to multiple monsters at low costs with their second job skill Holy arrow.

I’ve found Night Lords to be the least productive as they are unable to 1-hit the monsters with their AOE skill. Although having a set of Dark Knights to do the Mini Dungeons might seem like a good idea, you might want to invest in having one of each character in case link skills come in to play in the future.

This method will garner you a few million mesos a day. And what’s awesome about it, is that you hardly have to do anything apart from the initial set up. Not only that but it will continue to get you more and more over time.


It’s always been difficult to decide which stat will give you the best damage output, whether it be more ATK, more Crit rate, more Crit DMG or Boss ATK.

A general rule of thumb in this MapleStory guide is that plus stats such as PHY ATK or MAG ATK with no percentages will matter less and less as you get more and more. They may seem good at first, however, percentage stats will win out in the end. E.g. If you have 1,000 ATK and you add on an extra 100 ATK, your damage will increase by 10%. But if you have 10,000 ATK, that extra 100 ATK will only get you an extra 1% damage.

Therefore, I recommend going for percentage stats such as PHY DMG % increase and Crit DMG% as they will get you more in the long run. E.g. A 2% increase will always be a 2% increase.

When it comes to tossing up between Crit rate % or Crit DMG %:

Average damage output = Crit rate % X Crit DMG %

Crit rate % is almost always smaller than Crit DMG %, therefore Crit rate is more valuable than Crit damage by a factor of how much smaller it is. E.g. If your Crit DMG is 50% and your crit rate is 10% then 1% Crit rate is worth 5% Crit DMG.


Maplestory dmg tier list

Jewels can be obtained by completing the daily dungeon.

You are given 2 sets of jewel slots to make active whenever you want.


For the first jewel set, it is recommended to aim for getting 5 Rank A yellow square EXP jewels to start you off. After that, you’ll want to start making a high damage output set.

The jewels that are recommended for getting the highest possible damage output are the Boss ATK% increase (purple), PHY DMG% increase and MAG DMG% increase. To know what’s popular, check out the Mu Lung dojo rankings and you’ll be able to find out what the people completing the dojo with the fastest times are using (not the normal rankings).

In terms of fusing them into higher grades, don’t be in such a rush to upgrade them to the diamond S class as you will miss out on getting the Square A class set bonus. You can get the bonus once you hit level 110 and unlock the fifth slot.

Leveling Guide

When you first start out MapleStory M, you’ll notice that leveling up seems so easy, but then once you make it to level 100, going up in levels becomes significantly slower. Hopefully, by reading this guide you’ll eventually be able to grind your way up further.

From level 1 to 85, all you’ll need to do is a quest. After that, questing will still get you the majority of your EXP for each level, however, you will run out of quests before you get to the next level. You can get the rest of the EXP needed by doing your dailies and your daily hunt. Make sure you do your quests before the daily hunt as some of the monsters you need to kill for the quest will be on the daily hunt.

After that, you’ll need to enhance your equipment to get into the Star Force Dungeons. While higher star force maps give you more experience per mob, the mobs should not be red. If they are, not only will you miss some hits, you will likely take a lot of damage and require a lot of potions to stay alive or when afk/offline training. Note that you will use fewer potions if you keep your app on and afk than if you are Auto-battling offline.

Try to Starforce train in a group of 6 active people. It might be worthwhile to leave your existing group and party auto-join to see if there is a fuller or more active group on a different Starforce map or channel.


Auto-battle will cycle through the attacks you have on your quick-use. Select attacks that are good for clearing out mobs quickly. E.g. Dark Knights with their charge move or for Bishops their map clearing attack Genesis.

Maplestory What Does Dmg Download

As you get to higher levels, you’ll notice that some daily hunts will get you significantly more EXP. The creatures are mostly found in the Daily dungeons so if you want to save time you’ll be able to complete most of it there.

Doing Netts Pyramid and Elite Dungeon will also get you a decent amount of EXP and more when you’re at higher levels.

Make one of your jewels sets an EXP jewel set and switch to it when training.

If you’re in a guild, you have the option of attending a guild banquet for 30mins. The banquet gets you a relatively small amount of EXP, but it is free and all you have to do is sit in the guild hideout during the banquet. The hideout can be found on the guild page. Your guild master or submaster will need to activate the banquet before you can get in, so learn what time of day they usually have it on.

For skill point allocations, I wouldn’t worry too much about allocating incorrectly until your fourth job as getting to level 100 will only take a few days. When deciding which skill to allocate your SP to, think about what you will spend the majority of the time doing. If you are going to spend it mostly being AFK or offline then I recommend leveling up your passive skills first.

In terms of power leveling a new character, there are no restrictions on the level difference. So you could get a level 100 plus friend to party with your level 20 character, train in any location, and gain the same amount of EXP. Just make sure you disable resting party members can’t get EXP.


Every day you are given 3 tickets for the Daily dungeon, Elite dungeon, Mini dungeon, Mu Lung Dojo and Netts Pyramid. You can get more when you use all 3 of your tickets or from your guild attendance claim.

Daily Dungeon

Jewels are rewarded for completing the Daily dungeon. I recommend saving any tickets that won’t expire till you’re able to clear the dungeon on Very hard or on Hell difficulty. If you are struggling, try doing the dungeon after you’ve been buffed by a Bishop and/or a Dark Knight to give you more survivability as the boss can hit quite hard.

Elite Dungeon

This dungeon rewards you with equipment, powder and a bit of EXP when cleared. It takes a bit of time if you are going to solo it so try joining a public group on the first channel (there are fewer people wanting to do it at levels below 100). Sell off the equipment and store the powder. Use your alternate characters to help you sell the equipment. I recommend saving your spare tickets until you’re level 105 or 115.


If you’re less concerned with EXP and you’re in need of more money then doing the Mini dungeons will get you a decent amount a day. It’s great because there is hardly any effort needed to send your character to Auto-battle for 2 hours a day (assuming your guild gets you the extra ticket a day). Refer to ‘How to make the Mesos‘ for more on doing Mini Dungeons.

Mu Lung Dojo

The Mu Lung Dojo can be automated without using your Auto-battle however, it does take a bit of time. The last floor is floor 51 which only the top percentile of people are able to reach. The rankings are based on how many floors you defeat and how fast you do it. You are awarded 50 coins for clearing every 10th floor and 15 coins for clearing every other floor. I recommend doing at least 1 good run a week as you get a hefty sum of Mu Lung coins every Monday depending on your rank e.g. if you rank around the top 20% you will get roughly 10k coins to spend at the shop. To assist you in your runs, do it after getting buffed from others.

Netts Pyramid

Go to the Netts from any channel and they will automatically set you up with an open party. It doesn’t take too long for a party of 4 to be made. Netts Pyramid gets a bit of EXP, some stars and has a high drop rate on rings, belts, medals, and badges that are currently the best in the game. You get differing amounts of EXP depending on your level and at levels above 110, you get quite a decent amount of EXP. I recommend saving your spare tickets until at least this level. Bishops and Bowmasters are capable of taking 2 lanes at a time due to their wide AOE skill. I recommend not bothering with Netts Pyramid until you can at least do it on hard at level 80. Once level 100 do it on Chaos for the best rewards.


Currently, there is a Zakum expedition available and you can do it twice a day. Change channels to the first channel and quick join the expedition to get in with a public group.

For normal mode, you are given a time limit of 30 minutes but the typical public group will do it in 2 or 3 minutes on average. The reward is 50 stars and an extremely rare possibility of getting some other things including the much-coveted Zakum helm.

The normal mode Zakum can deal a whopping 13k in damage but fear not, you can re-spawn unlimitedly without losing any EXP, you’ll simply need to wait 10 seconds each time. If you find yourself dying more often then you’d like, try using v5.0 HP pots with your pet potting settings set to 90%. Other than that you’ll have to invest in unique gear to get your MAX HP higher.

Hard Zakum is exactly as stated… ‘Hard’. There is a high failure rate and therefore it is frowned upon for those that have yet to invest heavily into their gear to do this dungeon as you will provide a little contribution. Also, exiting the dungeon before it is completed is also frowned upon. You are given 10 minutes to defeat Zakum who deals roughly double the damage of normal Zakum. The much-coveted drop for doing this dungeon is the unique Zakum helm which also very rarely drops.

Star Force Field

Once you’re nearly level 100, you’ll notice that just doing quests won’t get you to the next level. In that case, the Star Force Field is the way to go. You will have to enhance your weapons to attain enough stars to get into the appropriate Star Force Field. Get at least 35 stars and then try and find a decent size party to join on the first channel.

Daily Hunt

This is not a dungeon, however, you can do a lot of your daily hunt in the Mini dungeon. The daily hunt gets you a decent amount of EXP and at higher levels, the EXP given becomes quite significant.

Check MapleStory private server list, to begin with.

Maplestory Dmg Formula

Other Dailies

I’ve noted a few quick things you can do every day to get some small bonuses

  • Simply logging in for consecutive days will get you some good rewards, particularly on day 8 with unique equipment that can sell for several million Mesos
  • Create a party for 10k
  • Use Fever for 10k
  • Use 10 pots for 10k
  • Jump in and out of Mu Lung dojo for 10k
  • Find 2 rare equipment and get a 30-minute recharge. If you can’t find it you can either Download them or auto-complete it for 50k
  • Recharge Auto-battle (you can recharge to a maximum of 360minutes
  • Click on guild attendance, claim attendance rewards and use guild skills.

Get MapleStory M

Even after reading the MapleStory M Guide & you haven’t Downloaded the game yet, then what are you waiting for? Download it now for:

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NOTICE: As of November 30, 2016 (GMS v178 - Limitless), the visual damage range cap has been raised to 99,999,999. The primary motivation behind the creation of this tool was to enable accurate computation of damage ranges beyond 2m~2m. Thus, this damage calculator is essentially obsolete, except in the following situations: (1) players are able to surpass 99,999,999 damage range, and (2) for players who wish to calculate damage ranges based on hypothetical upgrades or downgrades in equipment, skills, and/or stats. In addition, final damage is now included in the damage range calculation; if your class has a skill that gives final damage, you should fill in your % FINAL DMG in the designated box.

A common misconception in MapleStory is that the maximum damage range is 2m~2m. While this is the maximum displayed damage range, there is no bound on the actual damage range. The creation of this tool was motivated by this fact, and is intended to allow funded players to monitor the effects of their upgrades after 2m~2m range. As such, this calculator is optimized for high-level players. In particular, it is assumed that the character has maxed out all mastery and relevant passive skills all the way through 4th job.

It is recommended that you watch the tutorial video before using the calculator.

Having trouble? If you have watched the tutorial video and double checked all of your inputs and are still not getting an accurate result, or if you think the calculator is not functioning properly, please report your issue(s) here. You may also leave any comments or suggestions using that link.

Acknowledgements: The construction of this page would not have been possible without the help of many great friends (and friends of friends) in the MapleStory community. Click here to view a (probably incomplete) list of people who have contributed to the making of this tool.

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