Mtk Flash Tool For Macyellowhack

Download MTK FRP Tool for MediaTek Devices This tool will work to bypass or unlock FRP lock on MediaTek devices only. So if you have a phone based on MTK processor then this tool is for you. Below you will find the information about the file. Once you have installed the Mediatek VCOM drivers on the computer, the MTK Flash Tool can easily detect the connected device and get ready to flash the firmware on the device. Support.cfg and.txt format: It supports the flashing of.cfg or.txt based Stock Firmware on the device. Why Sp Flash Tool? SP Flash tool is a perfect tool for flashing the Android device, as it is highly compatible with Android devices. Also, it is totally safe and free to download, but it voids the warranty of the device like other such tools. Lets you flash stock firmware, RAM on an Android MediaTek devices phone, based on mtk.

Mtk Flash Tool For Macyellowhack Windows 7

Special Notes for Users

This MTK Flash Tool that called MTK Droid tool in an alternative name is compatible only with MediaTek powered smart devices. That is why you have no any power to flash or do something instead of writing the IMEI on non-MTK smartphones with this application. When MTK Droid tool runs on a computer it will be sent a malware alert. This is completely out of harmful gatherings. The file has placed in 'present in files' and named 'pwn'. You will not be able to root any device without this small file and do not let the virus guard delete the file anyway. The rooting, installing custom ROM or write IMEI are obviously voided the device warranty. Consequently, you have to process the manner at your own risk always. The credits for developing the application has acquired by the MediaTek Inc. MTK flash tool is an official application that released by the MediaTek team to make changes on MTK based smart devices.


You are able to experience more unique advantages with the latest version of MTK Flash tool. Flash the scatter based firmware is the main output of the detailed application. Download MTK Flash tool, because it is specially designed for MediaTek smart mobile devices and nothing others will compatible completely with the application. If any user tried out to flash the stock firmware of other chipset installed mobile, it will be resulting in a bricked mobile device in the next moment. This is a venture at processing because flashing with an incorrect firmware causes an immediate brick due to error processing.

SP Flash Tool is the ideal tool to flash files from your PC to Mediatek mobile devices (MTK) such as MT6752, MT6732, and MT6516etc. With SP Flash Tool we can flash ROM, recovery files, rooted kernels, etc. Here we will be uploading the latest versions of MTK Flash Tool.

MTK Flash Tool is compatible with any PC with Windows, XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems, for both 64 and 32-bit platforms. To use this Flash Tool you have to connect the mobile or tablet that you want to flash to the PC through a USB data cable. The USB drivers of the mobile device must be correctly installed.


Features of MTK Flash Tool

With SP Flash Tool we can install any ROM, either factory or customized on our Android phone with MediaTek processor, then we will talk a little about SP Flash Tool and its features.

Flash Stock Rom

You can update or install an earlier version of your ROM on your Android device (MediaTek).

Memory Test

You can check and verify the RAM and NAND Flash memory of your device.

Format Device

You can format your Android phone (MediaTek). You only have to load the Scatter file in the SP Flash Tool, connect your phone and press the “format” button.

How to install a ROM with MTK flash (SP flash tool)

The process to install a ROM with the SP Flash Tool is very simple, we have to follow these steps:


Sp Flash Tool

[*] Unzip the SP Flash Tool that we downloaded.

Attention: It is always dangerous to download the PRELOADER and DSP_BL files in the phone, if you do not need them (if your phone still turns on well), we recommend that you delete them. Also if the ROM includes a file called NVRAM, we recommend that you delete it. This is so that you do not lose your IMEI.

[2*] We run the SP Flash Tool as administrator, and select Scatter-loading, a window will open where we will select the Scatter file that is inside the ROM folder.

Scatter Loading File

[3] We will click on the Download button and connect our phone off to the PC. The program will start loading, and it will show us a warning (we click on yes), we wait for it to finish loading and READY! We have installed the software on our phone.

At the end it is advisable to enter the recovery and make the following 2 wipes:

Mtk Flash Tool V6.1.8 Download

  • Wipe data/factory reset
  • Wipe cache

Mtk Flash Tool For Macyellowhack Windows 10

This is to prevent the equipment from hanging on the logo or other failures due to residues from the previous ROM.

Install SP Flash Tool Driver

Mtk Flash Tool For Macyellowhack Mac

Before continuing with the following steps, we must install the SP Flash Tool Driver. So that, when the terminal is connected to the PC in fastboot mode, the system detects it. If your computer uses Windows 8 / 8.1 or Windows 10, you must restart the computer without the security component of signed drivers. Then you have to manually add the drivers to the system and display them through the Device Manager Download MTK USB Driver.

SP Flash Tool Scatter File

Its use is very important in automatic flash tools, as in the case of SP Flash Tool Scatter File. It is responsible for providing the tool with information on the correct structure before the flash. Both in case we want to completely restore the firmware of the mobile phone as if we want to flash parts of its kernel, recovery, boot, system, etc.

What’s new in SP Flash Tool V3?

Mtk Flash Tool Free Download

Mtk Flash Tool For Macyellowhack

It is the SP Flash Tool Old Version. There is a little change in this version. It takes less time than the previous version. This version is compatible with android CDC driver and VCOM driver. If you want to try this version, download it from here.

Final thought,

This MTK Flash Tool is focused on working with Android Devices with MediaTek processors. It can erase, read or write any of the available partitions of our device with MediaTek processor. Its interface cannot be more natural. If you enjoyed reading this article, don’t forget to share.