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Slimmy Detox Fibre 80xt

If you are constipated, kindly adopt this routine:

  • 2-3 sachets of Fibre 80xt at night (take it consistently)
  • Drink minimum 2 litres of water daily
  • Stick with this routine for 2-4 weeks until your bowels are more regulated
  • Have a chat with me after your bowel are more regulated :)

50xt focuses on a colon only cleanse (digestive system) detox. Whereas 80xt emphasises on whole body (general health) detox and the promotion of gut health. To experience the full benefits of 80xt, body goes through a "nursing period" where it has to adjust to the new product. It is critical to not skip days. Consistency is key.

This "nursing period" usually range from 2-4 weeks for constipated clients.
(For clients who have taken laxatives in the past, they can take slightly longer to regulate their bowels, because the intestines are slightly damaged by laxatives.)

Why can't I poop as well, as compared to when I was taking fibre 50xt?

Due to an individual’s probable use of other drugs or supplements, the sensitivity of the intestinal population may be affected, thus impacting the effectiveness of Slimmy Fibre 80XT. The body needs time to adjust, to regulate itself with the introduction of the new product, i.e. Slimmy Fibre 80XT.

Slimmy Fibre 80XT emphasises on the promotion of gut health. As the enzymes within Slimmy Fibre 80XT promote intestinal activity and regulate the balance of intestinal flora, Slimmy Fibre 80XT will assist in the regulation of bodily functions and initiate detoxification.

The process is healthier, gradual and yields long-term benefits which tie in with enhanced gut health, increased metabolism and greater weight control in the long run. In other words, the longer Slimmy Fibre 80XT is consumed, the greater its effectiveness will be as the body begins to regulate itself through the product.

Although Slimmy Fibre 50XT and Slimmy Fibre 80XT’s functionalities are fairly similar, Slimmy Fibre 80XT’s results are far more progressive, consistent and will yield better, healthier results in the long run.

After consumption, it can help gastrointestinal motility by gently massaging the stomach. This is especially important for people who experience long-term constipation. 

The body’s intestinal environment will gradually improve with consistent consumption of Slimmy Fibre 80XT.


  • It is not recommended to drink coffee &/or tea, alongside with the product as this will reduce the effectiveness of the enzymes in Slimmy Fibre 80XT.
  • If you’ve recently used anti-inflammatory drugs, do take note that anti-inflammatory drugs reduce the effectiveness of the probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes within the product. Only consume Slimmy Fibre 80XT after a 1 hour interval


Common Reactions After Consuming Slimmy Fibre 80xt 

  1. It is directly expressed that the expected bowel movement will be smoother, frequency of visits to the toilet will be more and the amount of bowel movement will increase.
  2. As the enzymes within Slimmy Fibre 80XT promote intestinal activity and regulate the balance of intestinal flora, some consumers may experience some light to mild bloating or abdominal distension. Symptoms do not last long and are completely harmless to the individual.
  3. As Slimmy Fibre 80XT begins to regulate the bodily functions and initiate detoxification, this may result in increased passing of gas, perspiration or bad breath. Such symptoms do not last long and are completely normal by products of detoxification.