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Turn location data from rows and columns in a spreadsheet into beautiful address maps for analysis. From multi-colored custom markers and map styles to powerful route planners and sales territory tools, Maptive will do the heavy lifting for all of your business’s mapping needs. The Storemapper Weebly store locator is an invaluable resource for companies in all industries, generating user data that can be analyzed via our analytics suite to increase revenue. For example, you can easily take a look at user data within a specific date range to measure the success of a marketing campaign that took place during that time. Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10 users. Tip: Laptop users can also click the power icon in their notification area to get to the power settings. Open the Control Panel. Adjust Brightness for Laptop Computer on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP. How to Correct Monitor Flicker in Windows 8. CSS Search Buttons: as of Power Options v2.0, there a 4 different external CSS button generator sites linked to in the option, which will allow you to generate code that you can paste in this text area field in order to replace the default image search button that Store Locator currently uses. Drop in animation - icons drop onto the map upon initial map load; Stylized Map: using external map color styling tools such as Snazzy Maps or MapStylr, you can generate code to create the color scheme for your Store Locator map, as desired. Check this option and copy & paste generated code into this text area field to apply to map.

  • How MapMyStores Works

    MapMyStores is a highly configurable radius based store locator. At its core, the MapMyStores services are built using XML. XML is a data language that allows web developers to customize the look and feel of your store locator to your exact specifications. We also offer an out-of-the-box version that displays a Google Map on your web site with a search form that accepts both zip code and city/state. The Google Map version is simple to implement. You can add one line of code to your web site to display the map and you won't have to ever change it again! All configurations of colors, copy, logos, font sizes etc are setup while logged into MapMyStores via the setup page. You can easily add a new store or shut an existing store off through your secure login.

  • Add A New Location

    Adding a new location is simple. Log in to your account and go to the New Company form to enter the location's address. As you add companies, MapMyStores will confirm it's latitude and longitude with Google so it is ready to be mapped real-time. If the address is not found, or is not valid, you will be notified so you can correct the data. You can also bulk import your data via an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Turn A Location Off

    If a location no longer carries your products, you do not need to delete that company from your MapMyStores database. There is an icon next to the address that allows you to turn a location on or off with one click.

  • Reporting

    We offer reports based on a date range that allow you to view the zip codes and states that are most frequently searched. These results are graphed out and you can drill down from state to city to zip code to find the detailed data you are looking for and pursue new placements and marketing plans based on this actionable data.

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Powr Map Custom Map Or Store Locator For Weebly Account

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