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Crystal Bracelet - Starry Night
Crystal Bracelet - Starry Night
Crystal Bracelet - Starry Night
Crystal Bracelet - Starry Night

Crystal Bracelet - Starry Night

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- Special blend of pearls, moon, stars & Aurora moonstone crystal
- Only available in 24k Gold filled bracelet
- Handmade with love
- Fits wrist size: 14cm to 19cm

Aurora Moonstone
- Moonstone is a stone for “new beginnings”
- Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength
- Moonstone holds within it the deep seated nature of feminine energy
- Healing and calming especially in women
- Improve happiness and harmony

- Help with insomnia, aggressive behaviour and decision making

Auroro Starry Night's gold filled bracelet is thicker than gold vermeil or gold plated bracelet. The base metal is covered with a very thick layer of 24k gold (at least 5% of the total weight). Thus it can last longer than typical gold plated jewellery.

Real crystals are naturally formed in nature and may have slight imperfections and inclusions such as black spots. These are not considered defects.

How to Care for your Crystals:
🔮 Your White Gold / 24K Gold Filled Bracelet:
✅ Water Resistant for Daily Wear
❌ Avoid Harsh Chemicals such as perfume, soap, chlorine water, bleach
❌ Avoid scratching your gold filled bracelet against hard surfaces as this may scratch the gold filled off

If tarnishing happens, simply use toothpaste or silver polishing cloth and it’ll be as good as new ✨

🛁 Before wearing your Crystals:
1. Cleanse your crystals by placing in salt + water mixture for 15 minutes.
(Be sure to clean your crystals using clean water afterwards.)
2. In between wear, cleanse your crystals regularly from once a week to once a month
3. Another way to cleanse is to place the small clear crystals given to you and your bracelet in a clear glass bowl overnight under moonlight.
(If you don't have an outdoor area that is safe for your crystals to be placed, a windowsill will work, too. It does not matter if your window does not face the moon. The moon energy will still be present.)

Read more about "Why do I need to cleanse my crystals?"