Properties And Formulas On Mindmanager 10 For Mac

May 15, 2020 Web-Based Mind Mapping Apps for Mac. Apart from these native mind mapping apps for Mac, there are various web-based mind mapping apps for Mac which are really powerful and easy to use. While I normally don’t suggest using web-based apps, in this case, I have no qualms in recommending them as they are too good to leave off the list. Feb 19, 2019 With a powerhouse collection of new features and functions, MindManager 12 for Mac put next-level mind mapping and data visualization at your fingerstips. See your mission-critical information the.

As you have no doubt worked out by now, we think MindManager should be the Number 1 'go to' digital information tool for all knowledge workers. Below is a mixture of tutorial videos and recorded webinars from the MindJet YouTube channels that illustrate the many different features of the software and how to use them.

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Creating MapsMap Parts

Links & AttachmentsFlowcharts & Concept Maps

Formulas & AutoCalcOutlook Integration

Flitering & SearchingAdvanced Tips

Creating Maps


You can either create an empty map to add content from scratch, or you can use a template or an existing map (whole map, or just a portion) as the basis for your new map. You can import a file from another application to create a new map instantly from that content.

Getting Started with MindManager for Windows Tutorial: The MindManager Toolbar
- Video Tutorial [3:41] (English)

Getting Started with MindManager for Windows Tutorial: Creating a New Mind Map
- Video Tutorial [4:10] (English)

MindManager- Getting Started
- Video Tutorial [3:00] (English)

Getting Started with MindManager
- Recorded Webinar [39:23] (English)

MindManager Basics: Map Building
- Tutorial Video [1:10] (English)

MindManager Basics: Map Organization
- Tutorial Video [0:48] (English)

Getting Started with MindManager: Basics
- Recorded Webinar [29:14] (English)

Map Parts


MindManager comes with two basic types of Map Parts, both displayed in the Map Parts task pane:

Properties And Formulas On Mindmanager 10 For Mac
  • Static Map Parts are topic structures with standard content. Their purpose is to save time re-entering frequently-used or common information sets such as days of the week, actions, standard meeting agendas etc. You can create your own Map Parts from frequently-used topics. Static Map Parts are displayed in the top-level Map Parts folder.

  • Smart Map Parts (including the Web Services Map Parts) are a special type of Map Parts that contain active links to applications and web services which are external to MindManager. They have the ability to integrate data retrieved from desktop programs, application databases, search engines and online news organizations into a map by using XML, XSL and Web Services technologies.

The Power Of Map Parts To Easily Create Mind Maps
- Recorded Webinar [28:14] (English)

Links & Attachments


Links serve as references to external documents, including other maps, Web addresses, or email addresses. Using Links lets you avoid cluttering the map by including or duplicating information, and ensures that you see an updated document or page each time you click the link.

When you attach a document to your map:

  • The document content is stored as part of the map file.

  • The documents go along when you move the map to a new location or distribute it to coworkers.

  • You can attach several documents to a single topic.

    A map with many attached files can be quite large. To reduce map size, use links to point to the documents instead of attaching them. Links do not increase the size of your map significantly, and the files can be modified outside of MindManager.

  • You can attach an existing file or a new, empty document that you create on the fly.

  • The Map Index task pane Elements list displays all the topics on your map that contain attachments and links.

Getting Started with MindManager for Windows Tutorial: Using Links and Attachments
- Video Tutorial [4:23] (English)


Flowcharts & Concept Maps


A flowchart is a kind of map that describes a process or workflow. Like a map, the basic building-blocks of a flowchart are topics, but flowchart topics reflect the visual conventions common to this type of diagram.

Getting Started with MindManager for Windows Tutorial: Using Flowcharts
- Video Tutorial [8:58] (English)

Using Flowcharts, Concept Maps and Diagrams in MindManager for Windows
- Recorded Webinar [35:36] (English)

Formulas & AutoCalc


Formulas let you calculate the value of a topic property by evaluating an expression that uses other topic properties from specific topics or a range of topics on your map. The properties used in the calculation are called input properties, and the resulting property is called a calculated property. Any topic on your map can contain one or more formulas to define one or more calculated properties.

Calculated properties are updated dynamically, so their values are automatically updated as you add or edit the input properties, or move, add or remove their topics.

Formulas can use input properties whose type is number, currency, integer, percentage or calculated.

Smart Fill automatically sets the fill color of a topic based on the value of a Topic Property. You create a Smart Fill rule based on up to three conditions and select the fill color to apply when each condition is satisfied.

Properties and formulas on mindmanager 10 for mac pro

MindManager Basics: AutoCalc Overview
- Tutorial Video [0:44] (English)

MindManager: Creating Formulas
- Tutorial Video [7:21] (English)

Outlook Integration


Maps can contain topics that are linked to and synchronized with their Outlook counterparts. These are called linked Outlook item topics You can then edit the associated Outlook items directly from within MindManager by editing the linked topic - your changes are synced to the Outlook item. Likewise if the item is edited in Outlook, those changes are synced to the map, and the topic will change.

You must have Outlook 2003 or later installed on your system to use these features.

Linked Outlook item topics show special icons that indicate the type of item they are linked to - Task. Contact, Note, Mail & Appointment

Properties And Formulas On Mindmanager 10 For Macbook Pro

There are several ways to add linked Outlook item topics to your maps:

  • Conduct an Outlook query in MindManager to find Outlook items that match criteria you specify and then:

  • Add the query and its results to your map

  • Add select items from the query results to your map

  • Send a topic from your map to create an Outlook task or appointment

  • Send items or folders from Outlook to create linked Outlook item topics on your map

  • Drag an Outlook item into your map.

MindManager: Outlook Integration
- Tutorial Video [3:11] (English)

Your Outlook data in a map!
- Recorded Webinar [27:41] (English)

Flitering & Searching


Filtering is a convenient way to view only a subset of the topics on your map. This eliminates the need to delete topics that are not currently of interest, but remain valid map content.

Filtering effects how the map is displayed in Map view, Outline view, Linked Maps view and Walk Through view. By default, the filter is also applied to the Gantt Chart view, but you can choose to show all the tasks on your map in the Gantt Chart without regard to the filter.

There are four ways to filter your map:

  1. Show branch alone: select a topic and then use this command to show the branch only, (the selected topic and its subtopics) without the central topic, parents or siblings.

  2. Direct filtering: select a set of topics and then use the Show or Hide commands to show or hide those topics.

  3. Use instant Task Filters: these are shown in the Show or Hide pull-down menus, and allow you to filter the map's topics based on specific task conditions.

  4. Use Power Filters: available from the Show or Hide pull-down menu, this command lets you specify the filter criteria (including a variety of properties and text) to use.

How To Use Filter And Search Functions With MindManager
- Recorded Webinar [30:58] (English)

Advanced Tips


The Instructional videos here cover more advanced user features & tips.

Properties And Formulas On Mindmanager 10 For Mac Pro

MindManager Basics: Customising Menus
- Tutorial Video [3:05] (English)

MindManager Basics: Analysis View
- Tutorial Video [2:01] (English)

MindManager Masterclass: How to Become an Advanced Mind Mapper
- Recorded Webinar [59:41] (English)

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Properties and formulas on mindmanager 10 for mac 64-bitProperties And Formulas On Mindmanager 10 For Mac

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