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Sherlock Holmes Coming Back


Sherlock Holmes has become one of history's greatest detectives. He lives on, not just in Arthur Conan Doyle's original four novels and 56 short stories, but in movies, TV shows, and plays. In just the last 10 years there have been at least four actors who played Holmes in film and TV. Who did it best? Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr., Jonny Lee Miller, or the most recent inductee, Henry Cavill? Holmes mania is not a 21st-century thing. It was the reason why Doyle made — and then reversed — his most controversial decision. Doyle killed his most famous literary creation. And then brought him back.

Doyle was a financially unsuccessful physician and author when he wrote the first Holmes story in 1887, according to Doyle's official website. The novel, titled A Study in Scarlet, was published in Beeton's Christmas Annual. Doyle based his detective on a teenage hero of his, Dr. Joseph Bell, who himself was as fascinating as his fictional counterpart. The first adventure proved popular, and Doyle was commissioned to write a sequel, the novel that became The Sign of Four. He then wrote Holmes short stories, published in TheStrand Magazine.

Some disappointing but not wholly unexpected news for Sherlock Holmes fans - Sherlock Holmes 3 director Dexter Fletcher has confirmed that the sequel is currently “on the back burner.' Sherlock Holmes is back sending texts and using nicotine patches The sleuth from 221b Baker Street has travelled forwards in time, with a little help from the Dr Who writing team Benedict. Arthur Conan Doyle’s estate had sued makers of Enola Holmes for showing a humane side to the detective only visible in stories still protected under US law Last modified on Tue 22 Dec 2020 08.57.

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Despite creating a money-making character, Doyle didn't really like Holmes. The Los Angeles Times said Doyle told his mother that Holmes 'takes his mind off better things.' Before publishing the Holmes stories, Doyle had difficulty finding a publisher for his works. But now that he was writing a well-read series, he tired of it.

The not exactly hard choice to kill him off

Doyle chose to kill off his fictional consulting detective in 1893's 'The Final Problem,' with little fanfare. In it, Holmes battles his archnemesis, Professor James Moriarty. In the ensuing fight, both men tumble off the Reichenbach Falls, seemingly to their death. The BBC reports that on the day it was published, Doyle wrote in his journal, 'Killed Holmes.' Later, he would say he 'had such an overdose of him' that he felt sick every time he had to write another Holmes piece. Oh, if only Doyle could see how overexposed Holmes is now. Doyle honestly thought he could kill off history's greatest detective because he got bored, and other people would be like, yeah, that's cool, what's next for you, pal?

Doyle gravely misjudged his creation's popularity. Readers sent him letters cursing his decision (a woman called him a brute for killing Holmes), men and women wore mourning clothes, and the owner of Strand Magazine, which published 'The Final Problem,' had to assure shareholders that while Holmes's death was devastating, the magazine should bounce back. More than 20,000 subscribers canceled their Strand subscriptions.

Such public reaction had never been seen before, explained the BBC. It'll be years before Star Trek fans would go to great lengths to save their show, after all. In fact, it was Sherlock Holmes that created 'fandom' as we know it today. And despite the extreme public reaction, Doyle refused to write another Holmes novel.

Sherlock Holmes will just never die

The public outcry finally drove Doyle to write the novel TheHound of the Baskervilles in 1901, though he maintained it was because he wanted to write a story about the legend of a hound in the moors. He also explained to fans that the book didn't mean Holmes was back; rather, it was meant to be an older story in his timeline. Two years later, American and British publishers finally convinced Doyle to return to Holmes and make an obscene amount of money. Doyle explained Holmes survived falling off waterfalls because of his knowledge of a Japanese wrestling style. He never addressed the fact that Holmes's best friend and sidekick, Watson, mourned for three years (in the Holmes stories, he was only gone for three years) and said he'd been spending time in the Far East.

It didn't seem that reviving Holmes meant Doyle was suddenly excited to write him again. The later stories were far more inconsistent than their predecessors. But Doyle knew there was no way he could kill off his most famous character again. Holmes, Watson, and the rest of the supporting characters are forever alive in the minds of fans.

While it seems that Sherlock Holmes mania is new, thanks to the obsessive way people talked about the BBC's Sherlock, in reality, Sherlock Holmes might well represent the first time a creator realized he had zero control over the thing he created.

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Sherlock Holmes returns with Frogwares in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, a new adventure in which the 21-year-old detective will have to solve his first criminal investigation. The game will be open world for the first time in the series and the story will be set in a much more exotic environment than Victorian London. Let's hope the visuals we can see in the trailer are those we'll get in the final game, because this is looking pretty impressive to say the least. More details inside.

Press release

Frogwares Announce Next Game - Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, a creative re-imagining of Sherlock’s dark past that made him a legend Out in 2021 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Next Gen consoles

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is a third-person, open-world story-driven detective thriller
and acts as a prequel in the world renowned detective’s personal story. A creative re-imagining of what events could have led to Sherlock becoming the iconic sleuth many know today.

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Student planner app for maclawyersnew. Reimagining An Icon: Story and Setting


Sherlock Holmes Back In Time

“This time around we wanted to be more creative with the story we told and found an idea that hasn’t really been touched on by other adaptations - Sherlock’s “first big case” as a young 21 year old adult. He is Sherlock at his core, but at this point he’s more raw talent than refined genius. Reckless and impatient and a tad brazen, but unknowingly already on the path to greatness.” says Antonina Melnykova, Lead Narrative Designer

“Same with the location. We wanted to try something different to the all too familiar murky Victorian era London. While still set in the 19th century, we’re now exploring an isolated, sun-scorched Mediterranean inspired island where class divides and corruption are the foundations of this society. This is where our Sherlock spent his childhood. And now as a young adult, he is forced to return here and uncover the hazy truth behind the death of his mother - a loss that shattered his childhood many years ago and forced his move to London. And like always, Sherlock is not alone in his adventures. Before he befriended John Watson, Sherlock had a different best friend, Jonathan, and their relationship will be the central part of our game.”

“While we’re getting more creative with the backstory of Sherlock, fans of the series and character can rest assured we're sticking close to the source material to keep it cohesive. Most people have a firm view of who Sherlock is. Our story isn’t about changing that, but rather exploring how he could have come to be this way, exploring ideas right down to how he acquired his penchant for the violin, his distinct hat and even his addiction to drugs.”


A New Take on Investigation and Combat

On top of a fresh story and setting, the game is built around what the team are calling their “Global Investigation System”. Heavily updated from the approach taken in The Sinking City of “no hand holding” gameplay, this new system is intended to go even further and give players much more freedom in solving cases in a way that feels like genuine detective work.

“The Global Investigation system is mainly about having players rely more on their intuition and case solving skills. Clues in Chapter One are acquired and analysed through a massive array of skills, tricks, tools and methods at Sherlock’s disposal. Since there are so many combinations, players will need to really think things through like a detective since brute forcing clues together until the game reacts isn’t going to be very effective.” says Yaroslav Martyniuk, Lead Feature Designer

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One also features a combat system and utilizes Sherlock’s legendary observation skills rather than brute force combat.

“We looked closely at the fan and press feedback we got from The Sinking City and previous Sherlock games. This feedback defines the features in Chapter One: investigation, story, combat, exploration etc. For example, the combat system in Chapter One has been built completely from scratch, and many other mechanics are undergoing changes / improvements to make the game pace better overall.”

Sherrilock Holmes Is Back To The Future

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One will be a complete game, developed and self-published entirely by Frogwares in Unreal Engine 4. The game is currently set to release sometime in 2021 and will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and next-gen consoles.