Skype Command Line Switches For Macos

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Skype Command Line Options

I am trying to install Skype for business and Microsoft office on my MacBook Air 2015. But need to update to macOS 10.11 for this. (macOS Big Sur) a command line. Added a new command-line switch (-ignore-exclusions) to ignore AV exclusions during custom scans (mdatp scan custom) Performance improvements & bug fixes; 101.13.75. Removed conditions when Microsoft Defender for Endpoint was triggering a macOS 11 (Big Sur) bug that manifests into a kernel panic. Download mac os x lion viber for free. Communication downloads - Viber by Viber media Inc. And many more programs are available for instant and free download. Use the dynamic build of the stable Skype client (4.3.37), is the only one that works (the interactive installer automatically download and install the correct Skype client, see below). Don't use the build for your distro. Supported Platforms and Distros. Skypopen runs well on Linux and Windows. Does not work on Mac OSX. Most supported Linux. The Setup.exe command line is used for very few operations in Office setup. Instead of using the Setup command-line options, you'll typically use the Office Customization Tool and the Config.xml file for product setup and feature customization. The Office Setup.exe command line recognizes the command-line options described in the following table.


Well this is most of the time easy but useful when need and you can't remind the command you have to use to add a static route in a Mac OS X installation.

Skype Command Line Switches For Macos 7

Open fist the terminal session. Use the following command:

sudo route -n add x.x.x.x/24 x.x.x.x

How to check for updates chrome mac. You have to enter your password.

To delete a route you have to use the following command:

sudo route -n delete x.x.x.x/24 x.x.x.x

To view you route table on you Mac you use the following command:

Skype command line switches for macos catalina
netstat -nr

Add a startup item (to avoid doing the above command every reboot):

cd /System/Library/StartupItems
mkdir AddRoutes
cd AddRoutes

Create a file called AddRoutes (Note: same as the folder name).

vi AddRoutes
# Set static routing tables
. /etc/rc.common
StartService ()
if [ '${ADDROUTES:=-NO-}' = '-YES-' ]; then
ConsoleMessage 'Adding Static Routing Table'
sudo route -nv add
StopService ()
return 0
StopService ()
return 0
RestartService ()
return 0
RunService “$1″

Then create a file StartupParameters.plist:

Description = “Add static routing tables”;
Provides = (”AddRoutes”);
Requires = (”Network”);
OrderPreference = “None”;

Then change permissions:

chmod 755 AddRoutes StartupParameters.plist

Reboot your computer. Verify with netstat -nr.

  • misteriks, this worked for me! I've been struggling with this for some time, so thank you! - SRock686 years ago
  • This works for me as well. I Microsoft Lync Basic 2013. I used the following as a batch file.
    echo off
    taskkill.exe /F /IM iexplore.exe /T
    taskkill.exe /F /IM outlook.exe /T
    taskkill.exe /F /IM lync.exe /T
    '%~dp0Setup.exe' /uninstall LYNCENTRY /config '%~dp0adminconfig_uninstall_Lync_Basic.xml'
    Now I placed the xml in Admin > config_uninstall_Lync_Basic.xml
    the XML should look like:
    <Configuration Product='LYNCENTRY'>
    <Display Level='None' AcceptEULA='TRUE' />
    <Setting Value='NEVER' />
    Thanks misteriks - felixcruz35 years ago
  • The 'C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedOFFICE15Office Setup Controllersetup.exe' /UNINSTALL Lync /config c:tempSilentUninstallLync.xml worked perfectly - burnhas4 years ago