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Time To Put It All

Rather, it means that all of us should see all of life as a form of full-time Christian ministry, no matter what our profession is. For the Christian, there is no abiding sacred-secular distinction. All things are God’s (Romans 11:36), and we do all things for God’s glory (1 Corinthians 10:31). 📊 France, Spain and Germany are about 9 to 10 days behind Italy in #COVID19 progression; the UK and the US follow at 13 to 16 days. In Italy we waited too long, these countries should really.

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put (one's) (own) house in order

To resolve one's own personal problems or business affairs (especially before criticizing those of others). The president and his administration sorely need to put their house in order or they may not live to see a second term in office.Jim should go about putting his own house in order before he starts criticizing how I live my life!

put (one's) cards on the table

To reveal something that one has kept hidden, such as one's motives, intentions, opinion, etc.; to be very candid. A reference to player in a card game revealing the cards that they were holding. You deserve honesty, so I'm going to put my cards on the table: I can't offer you this job, but we may have another position that you'd be good for.Brian says he starts every relationship by putting his cards on the table—that way there's no secrets.

put all (one's) eggs in one basket

To invest, devote, or commit all of one's energy or resources into a single venture, opportunity, or goal, generally at the risk of losing everything in the event that that thing fails or does not come to fruition. She has put all her eggs in one basket with this merger deal. If it doesn't work out, I doubt her company can survive.I applied to several colleges so I wasn't putting all my eggs in one basket.
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/haveTime To Put It All all (one's) eggs in one basketInformal


/lay(one's) cards on the table
To make frank and clear revelation, as of one's motives or intentions.



Time To Put It All 'behind' Used

(one's) house in order
To organize one's affairs in a sensible, logical way.

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