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Sunday afternoon, the NFL's regular season will come to a close with 16 games. CBS Sports broadcaster Jim Nantz will call one of the high-profile matchups as usual, but he will have a new partner in the booth. COVID-19 protocols will force Tony Romoto miss work for the first time since joining the company.

Tony Romo’s family is based in Burlington, Wisconsin, and he appears close to them. He is the son of Ramiro and Joan Romo. His grandparents are named Ramiro Sr. Tony was initially pretty bashful about it all. But when he got going - it was hilarious!! Romo started with Brady, and it drew a HUGE laugh from Kimmel and the audience.

CBS Sports announced the change on Saturday afternoon but did not provide further details. The company did not reveal whether Romo tested positive for coronavirus or if he just happened to be exposed to someone that did. While he remains away from the broadcast, CBS Sports analyst Boomer Esiason will join Nantz in the booth. The former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback generally spends his Sundays with the NFL Today crew in Nate Burleson, James Brown, Phil Simms and Bill Cowher.

The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback was set to join Nantz for a high-profile battle between the Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals. Both teams need a win to reach the playoffs, but only one will achieve this goal on Sunday. They will do so while a different former quarterback analyzes the play on the field.

CBS Sports is not the only company to deal with logistical issues due to the coronavirus. ESPN faced a similar issue ahead of Friday's Sugar Bowl game featuring the Clemson Tigers and Ohio State Buckeyes. College football analyst Kirk Herbstreit tested positive for the coronavirus and announced that he would not head to New Orleans to call the semifinal match. Instead, ESPN set up an assortment of gear at Herbstreit's home and made it possible for him to call the game safely.


'Earlier this week, I tested positive for Covid,' Herbstreit tweeted on Tuesday. 'Thankfully, I feel good & my family is okay, but going through protocols that will keep me home. I will be working from home, Jan. 1 on [College GameDay] & later that day, on the call for the [Sugar Bowl] with Chris (Fowler), Maria (Taylor) & Tom (Rinaldi). Can't wait for the rematch between [Clemson] and [Ohio State].'

Herbstreit found success calling the battle between two top NFL prospects in Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence despite working from isolation. He and ESPN both showed that adjusting to a positive coronavirus test and providing entertainment for viewers is still possible. However, Romo will not have that same opportunity. The announcement about his absence came at such a time that CBS Sports likely could not have set up the equipment at his home.

Romo© Provided by The Spun Tony Romo and Jim Nantz on CBS.

Tony Romo has been very defensive of Tom Brady during Sunday’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Kansas City Chiefs broadcast on CBS.

The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback has defended Brady amid his struggles in Bruce Arians’ offense.


Romo has been saying throughout the game that the Bucs need to run more of the Patriots’ offense for Brady. The CBS analyst said that the Bucs need to run more motion and let Brady pick apart the defense before the snap, which he often did in New England.

This is all pretty fair, but NFL fans are convinced that Romo is just reiterating what he’s been told by his friend in Brady.

“If you read between the lines on Romo all game, Brady told him he doesn’t like Bruce Arians’ offense and that they need to run New England’s offense. Romo has been harping on it all game. Brady tossed Arians under the bus,” Jason Whitlock tweeted.

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He’s far from the only one suggesting that, too.

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Everything Romo is saying about Brady is on point right now. Arm is not the issue. Saying “they line up and read after the snap too much.” Why would you change everything he was comfortable with in an offense?

— Russillo (@ryenarussillo) November 29, 2020

NBA shooting guard C.J. McCollum, meanwhile, thinks Brady is going a little overboard.

“I love you Romo but that’s Brady’s fault lol. No ones else’s. When Winston threw picks it was his fault. Now it’s Toms fault too lol,” he wrote.

I love you Romo but that’s Brady’s fault lol. No ones else’s. When Winston threw picks it was his fault. Now it’s Toms fault too lol

— CJ McCollum (@CJMcCollum) November 29, 2020

Both things can be true.

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Romo is probably being a little too defensive with his Brady comments. However, he’s almost surely been told by Brady that the Buccaneers’ offense has issues.

To Brady’s credit, he’s not saying any of that publicly.

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“Just not executing at the highest level,” Brady said this week. “I don’t think it’s more than that. I think we didn’t execute on some short throws [and] we didn’t execute on some medium throws. Just comes down to not as good execution as I think we’re capable of. We’re working hard to improve it and we’ll go out there and try and do a much better job this week.”

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