Vermac Pcms 1500 User Manual

Ver-Mac's PCMS-1500C meets MTO specifications and is our largest (83'X145') full-matrix trailer-mounted portable changeable message sign. PCMS-1500C is wider than our standard model and allows for more than 8 characters per line. Portable Message Board PCMS-548. The PCMS-548 is a full-matrix, trailer-mounted sign that displays changeable messages at a smaller size. With its energy-efficient design and high-quality construction, it’s one of the most reliable and cost-effective message boards on the market.

Ver-Mac’s PCMS-1500 Pro Series full matrix message sign is the largest in the Ver-Mac fleet. Featuring Stealth Technology, NTCIP-compliant V-Touch controller, V-Sync WiFi communication and JamLogic® Fleet Management Software. The 1500 Pro combines cutting-edge technology, energy-efficient design and high-quality construction to provide the most reliable, cost-effective and safe to operate message sign on the market. The PCMS-1500 Pro Series is the ideal full matrix portable message sign for construction projects and special events that need high visibility.


  • 83” x 145” full matrix display
  • 30 x 56 pixels with 4 LEDs per pixel
  • Robust trailer design
  • Stealth Technology
  • V-Touch Controller
  • V-Sync Wi-Fi Technology
  • Cellular 4G LTE Modem
  • JamLogic fleet management software >> see more about JamLogic <<

Advanced Message Board Technology

The Ver-Mac 1500 Pro LED message board is 83'high x 145'wide. the board features 30 x 56 pixels with 4 LEDs per pixel. The default display is 3 lines of text and 9 characters (18 in.) per line, with the ability of displaying multiple fonts, lines of text and graphics. Opi Power Lens design maximizes each LED output to create bolder and brighter characters while utilizing less energy.

4 Ways to Change a Message

Brady quinn and alicia sacramone. Now with every Ver-Mac Pro Series message board you can connect to the 1500 Pro in four different ways.


Robust Trailer Design

The PCMS-1500 includes the most popular features requested by contractors and government entities. The large footprint adds greater stability and the Diamond plate platform makes it easy to do periodic maintenance. A Tongue wheel jack allows for easy to set up and V-Touch controller is located away from oncoming traffic to keep workers safe.

Stealth Technology

Ver-Mac’s Stealth Technology was designed to eliminate two of the industry’s biggest issues: battery maintenance and battery theft. Stealth Technology is included with every PCMS-1500 Pro unit and utilizes sealed maintenance-free batteries stored in a cleverly hidden battery compartment. The sealed batteries prevent the equipment from shutting down due to lack of battery maintenance. The hidden storage compartment deters thieves from stealing batteries. Both features ensure continuous performance of the equipment and reduces maintenance, repair and labor costs.

V-Touch Controller

The Ver-Mac PCMS-1500 Pro includes the easy to use V-Touch system controller. Display real time messages, battery health, solar voltage and one touch arrow display icons. View all created messages and display with double touch of a selected message. Large touch keypad and intuitive icons make creating/editing and displaying a message quick and easy. Quickly navigate to manage and maintain the schedule, brightness, security, graphics, and more!

The V-Touch Controller is:

  • NTCIP compliant
  • Easy-to-read – 7-inch (178 mm) color LCD touchscreen display
  • User-friendly – one-touch icon-based menu items
  • Time-saving – create your own library of messages
  • Simple to operate – the intuitive point-n-go icons ensure quick and easy commands to display or edit messages
  • Additional functionalities – scheduling, sign diagnostics, pin-protected security, and much more
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  • Maintenance-Free Batteries
  • Anti-Theft Hidden Battery Compartment
V-SYNC WIFI TECHNOLOGYVermac Pcms 1500 User Manual
  • Change Messages Via WiFi Using Your Smartphone
  • Safely Change Messages Out of Traffic

Ver-mac Pcms 1500 User Manual Instructions

Ver-mac Pcms 1500 User Manual User

  • Large Footprint For Greater StabilityDiamond Plate Maintenance Platform
  • Tongue Wheel Jack for safe and easy set up
  • Controller located away from the road
  • Rugged Indexed Rod Mast Brake

Ver-mac Pcms 1500 Manual

  • No 3G Upgrade Needed
  • 10-Year Fleet Cell Service
  • SWZ upgrade (optional)
  • Hourly Automated Refresh and Battery/GPS Alerts & Reports
  • Interactive Map & List View of All Equipment
  • Project Folders to Group Equipment
  • Historical Log of all Locally & Remotely Activated
  • Messages with Date/Time


  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE LEDS - Next generation LEDs create bolder and brighter characters with greater angularity while utilizing less energy
  • SOLAR PANELS - Provide maximum solar recharging during all four seasons
    • Designed to run 12 months in most regions without manual charging
    • Optional Tilt & Rotate solar panels
  • SOLAR REGULATOR - Protects the batteries against overcharge, over-discharge and short circuits

Ver-mac Pcms 1500 User Manual Transmission


Ver-mac Pcms 1500 User Manual Pdf

  • POWDER COATING SUPERIOR FINISH - Impact, humidity, salt spray and rust resistant
  • 4 LEVELING JACKS - For stabilization and easy transportation
  • TONGUE WHEEL JACK - For easy and safe trailer set up
  • ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC LIFT MECHANISM - For quick and effortless deployment
  • RUGGED INDEXED ROD MAST BRAKE - 360 deg. rotation (6 deg. increments combined with infinite position using
  • HEAVY-DUTY PLASTIC FENDERS - For durability and easy replacement
  • LOCKABLE PLASTIC BOX - For controller, modem, pump, and other components protection
  • 2-IN. (51 MM) COUPLER OR 3-IN. (76 MM) PINTLE EYE - For easy towing