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Weebly websites are used by more than 50M people. Weebly provides forty plus mobile themes and a drag and drop builder. In its free plan, it offers image galleries, blogs, and even an online store. Overall, it is an ideal website builder to create professional and free websites.

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To provide access to the Weebly App Center, get in touch with your Account Manager or Business Development contact who will turn this on for your account. Once the App Center is activated, you need to explicitly add App Center access to your site plan(s). The links to the App Center (including those in the header and those in the Editor. Weebly is the type of website builder which helps people personalize the preset templates. The admin panel is one of the first places someone should visit after they choose their theme. There are a lot of settings and options which allow you to give your website a dash of “you” and make it feel unique. A simple app to help Weebly Developers easily understand how Weebly Elements are constructed. Element hello-world weebly Smarty MIT 2 1 2 0 Updated Sep 24, 2018.

What is Weebly?

Weebly provides everything you need for creating and growing your website. It provides solid customer support, easy onboarding, best hosting services, a lot of built-in features, and an easy site-building process. Weebly is also a very good platform for web designers.

Weebly for designers:

Weebly has just launched its new platform called Weebly for web designers (WWD). It provides very good web design features. Today, a great number of web designers use Weebly to build websites for their clients. It has bought access to its app center as well. That means you can easily access Weebly apps to create attractive websites for your clients. You can easily create 'templates' in Weebly Editor that you can later duplicate and mass produce. This will allow you to build a website in just 24 hours. And the biggest advantage is that your customers can easily log in to your Weebly website and make Small changes themselves.

Here is the step by step process of creating a website on the Weebly site:

1- Sign up on Weebly:

To get started on Weebly first signup on its website. Visit their website and click on 'Get started' and then fill in your details. Enter your name, email, and information about what sort of website you want to create.

2- Select themes:

Weebly provides sleek and mobile responsive themes. It offers 50+ themes including 'business', 'Portfolio', and 'blog'. You can easily preview each theme by clicking on the theme. The theme will appear on full screen and you'll be able to easily decide what theme you want to choose for your website. Then click on 'Start editing' and start the process of designing your website. The good thing is that Weebly editor allows you to edit themes anytime.

3- Choose a domain:

Before starting editing your website you need to name your website. For selecting a domain name for your website click on 'subdomain'. It'll provide a free domain. If you want a custom domain then you'll have to pay around $14-20/year. And if you already have a domain then click on 'Connect or transfer now' and type your URL and click search.

4- Design your website:

Weebly app centerbring the world to your website page

After selecting a domain you can start designing your website. However, before getting into website building the most important thing is to make a prototype for your website.

It'll help you to make sure that your website will well execute. But you don't need to worry about finding a good prototype for your website as we have a good recommendation for you. Use Wondershare Mockitt for creating a prototype of your website.

Mockitt is one of the best prototyping tools. It is easy to use and budget-friendly. Mockitt offers some highly amazing features such as:

  • It is a very fast prototyping tool. You can easily build a good prototype in just 10 minutes.
  • It provides a lot of quality resources including icons, templates, screens, and components.
  • Mockitt is a cloud-based prototyping tool. You can easily share data and get feedback on it.
  • It provides a 128-bit SSL protocol for multi-level disaster recovery backup and data transformation.
  • Mockitt is not only known for its best prototyping services but it's also a good collaborative platform. You can work on the same project with your team.
  • It ensures the security of your projects.
  • It also gives you access to your previous projects.

All these amazing features of Mockitt compel us to recommend this tool. The best thing is that you'll get all these amazing features for free. Use this tool to make a prototype for your website. If your prototype becomes successful then start designing your website.

Weebly App Centerbring The World To Your Website

For designing a website you need to go to the editing screen. After selecting a domain for your website you'll be directly taken to the editing screen. Design your website the same as the prototype that you created.

  • For adding background images just click on the background image and select a picture.
  • For adding elements just click on the 'Element menu' on the left-hand side. You can simply drag and drop all the elements from there. For example, if you want to add images then just drag the image icon to the page where you want to add them. A popup will appear then click on 'upload' and choose from where you want to upload a picture. It'll give you different options like from my computer or browse.
  • To add pages to your website just go to the Pages tab in your menu. Click on the '+' button and select what kind of page you want to add.
  • You can change the color themes by simply heading to the theme section in the dashboard. There you'll get a lot of options for colors.
  • Weebly gives you a list of layouts from there choose a layout for your website. Simply click on the layout you want for your website.

5-Add weebly apps:

Weebly provides more than 300 apps out of which 50 are free. In the navigation menu click on 'Apps' to get access to all the apps of Weebly. Choose one app and click on 'Connect' to install it. You can use apps like 'Content Color Box' and 'Site booster' to make your website more effective.

6- Publish your website:

If you are happy with your website then publish it. But if you want to make any changes then you can revisit the website and edit it. To publish a website click on the blue color 'Publish button' on the top right corner and your website will be published. You can make changes or edit your website even after publishing. You can also unpublish a website. Just go to the settings, scroll down and you'll find an 'unpublished' option. By clicking on that your website will be unpublished.


Weebly is a good choice for an all-inclusive website builder. They provide great functionality at good pricing. Weebly websites look very professional and are very easy to create.

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Social media is not optional; it’s a must have for your small business growth. Currently, there are over 3 billion internet users, of which 2 billion have social media accounts. Social media is a cost-effective marketing medium to not only reach these people but also to:

  1. Gather deep insights about their purchasing behavior,
  2. Improve brand awareness and loyalty,
  3. Build relationships,
  4. Drive traffic to your site
  5. Reach new customers
  6. Boost your conversion rates.
  7. etc. etc. etc.

While there are plenty of benefits, it can be hard – especially as a small business owner – to stay on top of your social media and realize these benefits. Because let’s face it you have limited time in which to complete unlimited tasks. Here are 8 Weebly social media apps to help you boost your online presence.

#1 Social Sharing

The social sharing tool is jam packed with features to engage your visitors, promote interaction, collect sign-ups and grow your social media following. There are many features available on both a free and a premium plan.

Free forever plan includes:

  1. Multiple social media networks – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc.
  2. A contact form
  3. Facebook Live chat
  4. Promotion bar
  5. Mobile messaging

The premium plan at $8.99/month gives you access to 8 premium tools, including:

  1. A social coupon
  2. An Email capture pop-ups
  3. A Social coupon bar
  4. Testimonials

And while many social media sharing tools cause website bloat, the Weebly Social Sharing App won’t slow your website down. It’s mobile responsive, fully customizable, and requires zero coding!

Weebly App Centerbring The World To Your Website

#2 eClincher

With eClincher you’re able to manage, organize, and analyze your entire social media network. Create a content schedule and schedule content hours, days, or even weeks in advance. Have peace of mind knowing that content is reaching your audience, even while you’re not working and/or while you working on other business activities.

Features of the eClincher social media app include:

  1. Ability to schedule and publish to multiple social media accounts.
  2. Automatic posting from queues.
  3. Monitoring live social media feeds and engaging with these feeds.
  4. One social media inbox for all your notifications and messages.
  5. Dashboard with analytics to monitor performance.
  6. And much, much, more.

A free 14-day trial is on offer, thereafter plans start at $15/month for one person.

#3 Dockvine

Wouldn’t it be cool if visitors were not re-directed once they click on your social media icons on your website? Dockvine is a social media app that solves this problem by displaying your social pages directly on your website. Visitors simply click on a Dockvine social media icon and the app displays those pages on your website, all without taking visitors to a new tab.

This is powerful because it keeps visitors on your site, increasing engagement, and driving conversions. Two social pages are on offer in the free plan. For unlimited options upgrade to a pro plan for $4/month.

#4 Social Media Stream

This is one of the top apps in the Weebly App Center. As the name suggests, this Weebly social media app, allows your visitors to view all you real-time updates from social media directly in a stream on your website. This app integrates with all major social media networks and users have access to it even on mobile. Try it for free or pay $9.95/month for more premium features.

#5 Social Feed

If you’re looking for an alternative to the above, why not try the Social Feed app. It also allows visitors to view real-time updates across all major social networks, create multiple feeds, and set the priority of different feeds for balanced content. Try it for free, thereafter its $4.99/month.

#6 Comments Plus +

Drive engagement with Comments Plus. This Weebly app is the perfect way to interact with your readers. By installing the app and adding it to your website, users can ask questions, respond to comments, provide feedback, and chat about several topics on your website. You, in turn, can engage in the conversation.

And because it’s fully customizable you can tweak the layouts, design, and colors to ensure it fits in with your look and feel. The power of this app lies in its ability to:

  1. Build an engaging community.
  2. Build trust and credibility.
  3. Gather testimonials and ratings from visitors.
  4. Integrate with social channels so users can use their accounts to comment.
  5. Provide SEO support.

#7 Testimonials

Weebly App Centerbring The World To Your Website Page

Personal face-to-face communication is not available online like in the traditional bricks and mortar environment. Building trust then, is essential, especially as visitors cannot touch or feel the product before buying it. Ipod touch apple carplay. By doing this you establish a relationship and drive sales for your business.

Weebly app centerbring the world to your website hosted

Weebly App Centerbring The World To Your Website Site

Testimonials and reviews are often used to build trust and credibility. They alleviate purchase anxiety as it makes consumers think, ” If it’s worked for her, then perhaps it can work for me”.


The Testimonials app lets you create 7 fully customizable responsive layouts and is available from the Weebly App Centre for a meager price of $3/month.

Driving traffic to your site is half the battle won. However, once visitors arrive on your site you need to encourage them to take action. Enter Better Coupon Box, a free pop-up builder for both Websites and e-commerce sites. With this app you’re able to:

  1. Boost your social media following and grow your e-mail list with customizable pop-ups.
    • For online stores, encourage sign-ups and social media follows by offering redeemable pop-up coupons.
    • For websites, encourage visitors to sign up to your mailing list with promotions and industry news.
  2. Create targeted pop-ups for certain pages and certain visitors. For example, have different pop-ups for new vs returning customers.
  3. Customize your pop-ups to tie in with the look and feel of your site.
  4. Create exit intent pop-ups. These enter as soon as the customer shows a sign of leaving the site.
  5. Integrate with social media channels and email marketing providers.

This Weebly app is free, with options to upgrade to more premium features.

Are you using any of the above Weebly social media apps? If you aren’t perhaps it’s time you gave some of them a shot. With so many internet users and social media accounts worldwide, there are thousands of people wanting your products and services. Use these 8 Weebly social media apps to find them and boost your online presence.