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In this article we are going to show you how to download and install XCode for Windows 10. We mention step by step guide to make your job easy.

Nowadays creating applications for Linux and Windows are very easy and straightforward by understanding program building via Mac OS. In fact, this suits for different stages and hence allows the users to grab attention on Mac that requires an SDK called Xcode. Of course, Xcode is an incorporated improvement environment which comprises a set of advanced programming toolset for Mac OS. However, the XCode for Windows is not applicable for developing software and maintain with app development only. With the help of the operating system, it accepts code on OS X and iOS. It can able to check working process which is suitable for Windows 7/8/8.1 and Windows 10 PC.

On the other hand, the application is used for developing software on Mac OS and iOS device. So, the XCode for Windows 10 essential for grabbing attention on the many reasons and suitable for installing XCode and consider for working process. Moreover, this is an ultimate suite for creating apps, testing them and managing assets and building them efficiently. This is, fortunately, a complete tool which was looking for the toolset to develop applications for Mac OS X platform.

Trusted Mac download Xcode 12.2. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get Xcode alternative downloads. To release a MacOS app through the Mac App Store, there is an integrated wizard in Xcode. Distributing your MacOS app outside the Mac App Store is less documented. Open your project in Xcode. Do Product Archive. This brings up the project organizer with a list of archives. So far, this is the same as releasing through the Mac App Store. Download XCoder for free. XCoder is an extensible model transformation and code generation framework implementing the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) standard of the Object Management Group. XCoder generates arbitrary output from UML models via an XMI interface. Download El Capitan Download What you to do is just download the dmg file for el capitan 10.11 and convert the file to a iso file on el capitan. This is a better and a fabulous solution which is available for.

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The installation process is straightforward, and hence you need to follow the requirement correctly without any trouble. In addition to this, the Mac is developing with apps that suit for Windows PC/Laptop. Additionally, there are no more apps to use XCode, and you can check it out quickly. While utilizing this app, it is effortless to build an application for Windows and Linux operating system.

XCode for Windows 10

Table of Contents

XCode Features

When you use this XCode on Windows, then you will get many features that are suitable for creating apps smoothly. However, this could easily suit for developing many apps which are essential for giving excellent features for the users. Here, there are listed features that helpful for the users to understand a lot regarding the XCode.

  • One can create apps for iOS device such as iPhone, iPad and Mac OS
  • It is applicable for testing under-progressing apps
  • This Xcode uses TestFlight feature which comes for beta tester
  • Provides stability and reliability
  • It also suitable for developing games for iOS
  • It can test for particular device such as real-time application
  • Graphically edit app interface in a good way
  • Quickly fix any issues completely

Requirements for downloading XCode

For downloading XCode for Windows, there are some requirements should be present before start downloading process. It provides proper installation process which is suitable for giving complete downloading process forever. Some of the essential requirements are listed below as follows.

  • Windows PC should be Dual Core Intel Processor for accepting Xcode
  • Download XCode package from Apple site
  • The user must need Apple ID to download XCode from Apple app store. Read quick guide on Apple ID two step verification.
  • The system requirement should boost of 2GB and recommend for 4GB
  • Must suitable for hardware virtualization that is available for PC

Installation process of XCode for Windows

When you decide to install the XCode for Windows, just follow the steps that give you complete details on how to install it correctly. The article provides you complete information which consists of the installation process for Windows 7/8/10.

Step #1

At first, the users need to first download and need VMware or VirtualBox on your Windows PC from the official link. The link provides information regarding the download process and how to start it.

Step #2

Now, the users can head towards the Safari or any other browser to open official Apple App store. In fact, the users must enter Apple ID to Login to the App store where you opened. Just type your ID and proceed further.

Step #3

In the given search Box, type Xcode and its package. It shows similar related apps in front of you, and you have to pick the XCode suitable for Mac OS.

Step #4

Enter the Xcode and click on Free and Download button in the Apple app store link. Then, press OK button and start XCode download for Windows 10 directly. So, this makes you wait for few minutes until the download process completes.

Step #5

Open the XCode and provide your root credential by entering name and password. It appears to the successful installation process when it complete download process.

For your easy understand Here is video on how to Use Xcode On Windows 10

Installing Xcode on your Mac OS X

When the user configures with Mac OS X virtual machine, then installing Xcode is relatively easy and anyone can do it. However, this makes you install and download xcode for Windows to set up a virtual machine to your preferred resolution. You can go through the system preferences menu by giving suitable resolution for installation.

If you choose PC user, then find your way which provides a new interface that can be a challenging one. You can easily enroll your Windows Users to learn the basic of OS X and interface with each other. This is useful for who get xcode tutorial for beginners for downloading this from the app store. It just needs to open App Store application from the dock and type Xcode in the search bar. As a result, it does not work during Mac OS X configuration process starts.

Navigate to the Xcode app and click Install Now to download it first. For this purpose, you need app account which is quite accessible for download and prefers xcode for PC for your virtual machine. It took several hours depends on your Internet speed configuration. When it finished the download, open it and click Xcode to launch the installer.


From the above steps, the user can ready to access the Xcode that is suitable for installing in Windows 10/8/7. Of course, this is a complete process which applies to the Windows version and suits the requirement quickly. You will able to understand the steps for installation and downloading the application simply. Moreover, this finds straightforward steps for downloading the apps and useful for creating good developing knowledge in working with Xcode. So, you are ready to work with Xcode which is helpful for creating apps and building it efficiently.

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Azure Pipelines Azure DevOps Server 2020 Azure DevOps Server 2019 TFS 2018 TFS 2017

This guidance explains how to automatically build Xcode projects.



For a working example of how to build an app with Xcode, import (into Azure Repos or TFS) or fork (into GitHub) this repo:

The sample code includes an azure-pipelines.yml file at the root of the repository. You can use this file to build the app.

Follow all the instructions in Create your first pipeline to create a build pipeline for the sample app.

Build environment

You can use Azure Pipelines to build your apps with Xcode without needing to set up any infrastructure of your own. Xcode is preinstalled on Microsoft-hosted macOS agents in Azure Pipelines. You can use the macOS agents to run your builds.

For the exact versions of Xcode that are preinstalled, refer to Microsoft-hosted agents.

Create a file named azure-pipelines.yml in the root of your repository. Then, add the following snippet to your azure-pipelines.yml file to select the appropriate agent pool:

Build an app with Xcode

To build an app with Xcode, add the following snippet to your azure-pipelines.yml file. This is a minimal snippet for building an iOS project using its default scheme, for the Simulator, and without packaging. Change values to match your project configuration. See the Xcode task for more about these options.

Signing and provisioning

An Xcode app must be signed and provisioned to run on a device or be published to the App Store. The signing and provisioning process needs access to your P12 signing certificate and one or more provisioning profiles. The Install Apple Certificate and Install Apple Provisioning Profile tasks make these available to Xcode during a build.

The following snippet installs an Apple P12 certificate and provisioning profile in the build agent's Keychain. Then, it builds, signs, and provisions the app with Xcode. Finally, the certificate and provisioning profile are automatically removed from the Keychain at the end of the build, regardless of whether the build succeeded or failed. For more details, see Sign your mobile app during CI.


If your project uses CocoaPods, you can run CocoaPods commands in your pipeline using a script, or with the CocoaPods task. The task optionally runs pod repo update, then runs pod install, and allows you to set a custom project directory. Following are common examples of using both.


If your project uses Carthage with a private Carthage repository,you can set up authentication by setting an environment variable namedGITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN with a value of a token that has access to the repository.Carthage will automatically detect and use this environment variable.

Do not add the secret token directly to your pipeline YAML.Instead, create a new pipeline variable with its lock enabled on the Variables pane to encrypt this value.See secret variables.

Xcode Dmg Download

Here is an example that uses a secret variable named myGitHubAccessToken for the value of the GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable.

Testing on Azure-hosted devices


Add the App Center Test task to test the app in a hosted lab of iOS and Android devices. An App Center free trial is required which must later be converted to paid.

Sign up with App Center first.


Retain artifacts with the build record

Add the Copy Files and Publish Build Artifacts tasksto store your IPA with the build record or test and deploy it in subsequent pipelines. See Artifacts.


App Center

Add the App Center Distribute task to distribute an app to a group of testers or beta users,or promote the app to Intune or the Apple App Store. A free App Center account is required (no payment is necessary).

Xcode 11 Dmg

Apple App Store

Xcode 10.3 Dmg

Install the Apple App Store extensionand use the following tasks to automate interaction with the App Store. By default, these tasks authenticate to Appleusing a service connection that you configure.


Add the App Store Releasetask to automate the release of updates to existing iOS TestFlight beta apps or production apps in the App Store.

See limitationsof using this task with Apple two-factor authentication,since Apple authentication is region specific andfastlane session tokens expire quickly and must be recreated and reconfigured.


Add the App Store Promotetask to automate the promotion of a previously submitted app from iTunes Connect to the App Store.

Xcode 12 Dmg

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